The Web Design Process

  1. Discovery

    The first step of our web design process is a discovery meeting to understand your project goals. We want to understand what sets your organization apart to create a product that accomplishes your unique goals. We will also explore potential site features, functionality, design, calls to action, and more.

  2. Design

    During this phase, our team will design a mock-up of the look and feel of your website. Once the mock-up is complete, you will have a chance to review it and make changes. Our goal is to create a product that aligns with your vision and goals, so your feedback during this section is vital.

  3. Development

    Once you have approved the final design, we begin developing it. During this stage, our talented developers program the website to look and function exactly like the mock-up. We work hard to create a product that looks great and functions optimally.

  4. Testing & Quality Control

    Once the coding and programming are complete, we pass the project off to our quality control team to evaluate the site and identify and fix any lingering bugs, errors, and issues. At this time, you will have a chance to see and play around on your website for the first time. You can also request final changes before the site goes live.

  5. Site Goes Live

    With your final approval, we will migrate your entire website, making it live on the internet! The web design process is complete. At this point, many of our web design clients choose to pair their new website with our digital marketing services to help reach their business goals.

The Digital Marketing Process

  1. Discovery

    The first step of our digital marketing process is a discovery meeting with you to understand your industry, pain points, budget, and business goals. We want to develop a strong understanding of your organization to deliver a digital marketing strategy that accomplishes your unique goals.

  2. Strategy

    With your clear goals in mind, we conduct research to help us understand your business’s marketing landscape. We look at competitors, current rankings, and website performance to determine the best marketing strategy for you. At this point, we discover the best opportunities for targeting and recommend the following steps to accomplish your goals.

  3. Implementation

    With a strategy for success planned out, our talented digital marketers get to work drafting ads, building out campaigns, and implementing conversion tracking to record results. You will have a chance to review the ads we create before they go live.

  4. Ads Go Live

    With your approval, we will make your digital marketing ads live. Once your ads are running, your account enters an initial learning period, where we do not make any changes for a few weeks. Our goal during this period is to gather enough data to know what’s working, so we can make data-driven decisions to maximize conversions and your ROI.

  5. Optimization

    It might be tempting to think that once your campaigns are running, the digital marketing process is over, but that is far from true. Our team checks consistently on your account’s performance, updating and tweaking things to ensure you are getting the best ROI and reaching your business goals.

Our web design and digital marketing processes deliver tangible results based on industry-leading best practices and cutting-edge digital strategy. We adapt every approach to meet your business goals. You can be involved in the process as much or as little as you want. Let’s get to work creating your plan for online success.