Keyword Research

Keyword Research: Your Marketing Blueprint

With any content you create or marketing campaign that you run, you want to reach the right people. To discover who those people are, you need a strategy that understands the real terms people search and how they relate to your organization. That’s why keyword research should be your first step in any digital marketing plan.

The way people use language to search for new topics and ideas is ever-changing. Keyword research is a valuable tool to explore your audience’s wants and needs through the words and phrases they search. Our keyword research service is a process of combining ideas and inspiration with aggregated data to determine your best keyword opportunities.

Guided By Your Industry Knowledge

A successful keyword research service begins with your expertise. We’ll discuss your target audience and brainstorm potential search terms people might use to find you in a discovery meeting. It does no good to focus on specific keywords if the people searching for your product or service use an entirely different set of keywords. 

We’ll research as many keyword ideas as possible to determine your most viable options. We start with the most broadly used search terms and then search for the hidden gems, the narrower search terms that present good opportunities for your organization.

Then we conduct a survey analysis of hundreds of keywords related to your industry. We compare each keyword we find by critical metrics:

Search Volume

An average of the number of searches conducted for a specific keyword in one month.

Keyword Difficulty

A measure of how much competition exists for a keyword and how hard it would be to increase your ranking.

Average Cost-Per-Click

For Google Ads, the expected cost-per-click of a specific keyword.

With these data metrics collected, we run your list of potential keywords through our algorithm to determine your leading keyword opportunities. Our proprietary algorithm ranks your keywords to reveal a total score. The higher the score, the better your chance of SEO and Google Ads success using that keyword. 

Keyword research services help you understand your audience’s motivations, intents, and desires. But your unique knowledge allows us to synthesize our findings and choose the keywords that best represent your target audience.

Using Keywords to Create Content Confidently

Be intentional in your digital marketing efforts. Determine which combination of digital marketing strategies is the most viable for your organization. A keyword research service can give you the data you need to tap into new opportunities. And it can help you focus on the keywords that will maximize your ROI.

Keywords are the foundations that determine the core of your website. Keyword research gives you the information you need to optimize your website effectively. Let’s create your marketing blueprint.