Website & SEO Audits

Is Your Website Working for You?

Even the best websites have room for improvement. For your website to operate effectively as the hub of your digital marketing efforts, you need a website optimized for peak performance and user experience. A website audit uncovers what your website does best and where improvements can help you grow.

With new technology and strategies for online success developing every day, you need a team to stay on top of the latest trends. Web audits give you the confidence to know that your website is a valuable operational tool for cutting through the noise and conveying your message to your audience. 

Unlock Your Online Potential

Our SEO audit service takes an in-depth look at your website to uncover the issues that may be affecting your site’s health. You will receive a detailed breakdown of each of your site’s elements to determine SEO opportunities. 

Your website is more than what you see when you visit the home page. There are hundreds of elements both on and off-site that contribute to your website’s success. Here is a quick rundown of the things we will analyze during your website audit:

On-Page SEO

These elements of your website work to optimize individual pages to rank higher organically. These components should be implemented consistently across your website to create an effortless user experience. The on-page SEO elements we will examine in your website audit include meta titles and descriptions, focus keywords, conversion-optimized best practices, and more.

Behind-the-Scenes SEO

These efforts don’t change anything on your website, but they still help optimize your site for organic success. Behind-the-scenes SEO boosts your site’s relevance, authority, and trustworthiness. Our SEO audit service will explore off-site elements, including analyzing your backlinks profile, Google Analytics, category and tag structure, and more.

Fundamental Development

As the building blocks of your website, these features make your website operate smoothly. A well-built, maintained, and organized website allows search engine crawlers to read your site and determine its organic rankings with ease. The fundamental features that we’ll inspect in your web audits include site speed, mobile-friendliness, sitemaps, and more.

We prioritize our findings into fixes that will have a high, medium, or low effect on your website’s performance and usability. You will also receive a follow-up consultation where our experts will review our findings with you and develop a plan to implement fixes.

Every successful digital marketing project begins with clear goals. Beanstalk’s web audits give you the information you need to grow your online visibility and reach those goals. Find areas for improvement and start achieving your goals today.