Website & SEO Audits

Is Your Website Working for You?

Even the best websites have room for improvement. To make sure that your website is functioning optimally, it needs to be revamped and optimized for peak performance and outstanding user experience. A comprehensive website audit can uncover your site’s strengths and weaknesses, pointing out areas for improvements and empowering you to expand your online presence effectively. 

With technology and online strategies constantly evolving, having a dedicated team to navigate said changes is crucial. Website audits provide the assurance that your site remains a powerful tool and can cut through the noise to effectively communicate with your target audience.

Discover Your Online Potential with Website Audits

Our SEO and website audits take an in-depth look at your website to uncover any issues that could be impacting its performance. With this service, you’ll get a comprehensive breakdown of all aspects of your site to identify room for SEO improvements and opportunities. 

Your website goes way beyond what users see when they visit your homepage. There are hundreds of elements both on and off-site that play a role in your website’s success. Here’s a rundown of the things we analyze during website audits:

On-Page SEO

These aspects of your site are enhanced to optimize individual pages to rank higher organically. Consistent implementation of these elements across your website contributes to a seamless user experience. In your website audit, we’ll take a look at the on-page SEO elements such as meta titles, focus keywords, and descriptions, and see if they’re all being properly utilized for SEO purposes.

Behind-the-Scenes SEO

While behind-the-scenes SEO isn’t directly visible on your site, it still plays an important part in optimizing your website success. It enhances your site’s relevance, authority, and trustworthiness. Our behind-the-scenes SEO audit service delves into elements such as your backlink profile, Google Analytics, category and tag structure, and more!

Fundamental Development

Fundamental elements act as the foundation of your website. They work together and ensure a smooth operation and exceptional user experience. A well-constructed and regularly maintained website allows search engine crawlers to navigate and rank your site effectively, ensuring users can find it. With our website audits, we’ll examine features such as site speed and mobile responsiveness to guarantee your site is ranking and accessed easily.

At the end of our audit, we categorize our findings based on their impact on your site’s performance. We rank these findings as either high, medium, or low. Additionally, we’ll schedule a follow-up consultation to discuss our findings and collaborate on a plan to fix the issues.

When it comes to digital marketing success, we have to begin with one thing; clear goals. Beanstalk’s website audits provide you with the insight and information necessary to increase your online visibility and reach business objectives. Together, let’s identify areas for improvement and start reaching your goals. Get in touch with Beanstalk and let’s get started!