Email Marketing

Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns Nurture Leads that Won’t Unsubscribe

Navigating cutting-edge digital solutions can be challenging, but email is a traditional marketing channel that remains one of the most effective. The truth is, the people you are trying to reach are on their email every single day. Email is one of the most sustainable channels for marketing. If you’re not already utilizing it, you’re missing out on potential customers.

Getting into someone’s inbox isn’t much of a challenge, but staying there is. People are naturally inclined to want to unsubscribe. They are bombarded with emails every day. Emails take up space in an inbox, and they take time to read. You need to give your reader something valuable and relevant to ensure that the time they spend reading your email is worth it.

The email marketing process can be as simple or as involved as your organization requires. From a short email blast to a fully automated marketing solution, there are plenty of advantages to incorporating email marketing into your digital strategy.

Email marketing, at its most basic, begins with the email blast a simple, timely message sent to your email list. Email blasts may get flack for lacking targeting, but they remain the most straightforward way to convey a single message to a large audience, like a big announcement. 

Less Effort, More Engagement

Acutely implemented email drip campaigns effortlessly cut through the noise created by your competition. A well-crafted email marketing solution satisfies your readers with valuable, relevant information that won’t make them want to unsubscribe. A good email drip campaign is a series of emails sent out on a schedule intended to move leads more quickly through your sales funnel. These emails keep potential customers interested over time so that you are top of mind when they decide it’s time to make a purchase. 

And the best part is, it doesn’t take much effort at all. After the setup, a detailed email drip campaign eventually reaches a point where new emails are only delivered often enough to keep your organization in your prospects’ and customers’ heads.

Email drip campaigns can get as detailed as you desire, leading different segments of your potential customers down unique paths toward an eventual goal. You can tailor email drip campaigns to speak to current customers or nurture new prospects. The opportunities are endless for tweaking your message to reach your audience.

An Email Marketing Solution that Does the Work for You

Our most intricate tool for email marketing campaigns is full marketing automation software paired with email to allow you to create, coordinate, manage, and measure your marketing efforts. Discover how marketing automation can work for your organization.  

At Beanstalk, we provide cutting-edge digital marketing strategies so you don’t blend in. Let’s create an email marketing strategy to make you stand out.