Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have a website professionally designed?

As the hub of your sales and marketing efforts, your website is an essential part of your online presence. While it may be tempting to try and put together a DIY solution or have someone make you a website for cheap, your website is an investment in your business’s growth. A professionally designed website will not only look great and function properly, but it will also last longer than alternatives and is much easier to grow and add to as your company grows.

Why do I need a professional to do my digital marketing?

Some people see digital marketing strategies like Google Ads as a magic bullet for business success. Just because it is easy to set up and automate campaigns doesn’t guarantee that they’ll bring in new leads. As professionals, we combine industry-standard best practices with lead-converting strategy and continuous optimizations to ensure that you’re getting the best ROI for your money. 

I keep increasing my ad spend, but my results are not changing. What am I doing wrong?

With any digital ads you create, several factors determine how many leads you get. It’s not as simple as spending more money and gaining leads. Thousands of tweaks and optimizations could be contributing to your ads’ performance, and it takes a professional to know what’s working and what is not. Our goal is to get you the leads you desire at the lowest price possible.

I made a Squarespace website myself. Why is a WordPress or Custom website better?

While website builders like Squarespace allow everyday users to create visually appealing sites, these websites often lack room for adding customizations and extra features. 

Website builders like these often lock users into slow, cheap hosting plans with few support options if issues should arise. Being a free open source content management system, WordPress offers endless possibilities for features and customizations, so you can create anything you want, and we’ll make sure it functions flawlessly.

How much does a website from Beanstalk cost?

It is hard to put a price tag on a website without knowing your unique goals and needs. We have options available for a variety of budgets. Talk to an expert to get a quote for your website.

Does Beanstalk write the text content for a new website?

Most of the time, clients choose to supply their website content. However, we do offer copywriting services, if you prefer. Our content writing is ideal for customers who don’t have time to create website content. Our content is SEO-friendly and designed to speak to your target audience while helping your website rank highly on Google. Creating content on your own can sometimes be a barrier to completing your website. Please let us know if you are falling behind, and we can help!

Can my competitors click on my ads to run up my costs?

Yes, they can. Fortunately, we work with a software called ClickCease to monitor your ads for fraudulent clicks from competitors, bots, and suspicious IP addresses. ClickCease blocks clicks from these sources, so if competitors attempt to run up your costs, they won’t even be able to see your ads. This software ensures that the clicks you do get are from genuine sources.

How much will the clicks cost for my Google Ads campaign?

Many factors determine the cost of a click, including keyword competition, location, industry, and more. We like to start digital marketing campaigns with keyword research, which allows us to determine the average cost of relevant keywords and rank which keywords are most likely to perform best. Keep in mind that although we can make reasonably accurate estimates, the only way to get the actual numbers is to run the ads.

Will Beanstalk maintain my website?

Yes! Website maintenance is essential for keeping your website updated, secure, and backed up in case of an emergency. Beanstalk offers a range of hosting and maintenance plans to keep your website running fast and efficiently while preserving uptime. Plus, our team of expert developers, designers, webmasters, and marketers are available to provide support to meet your needs. Click here to view our website hosting & maintenance plans.