Find Your Ideal Customer With Geofencing Marketing

People are inundated with advertising at every turn. Sharing the right message at the right place and time is everything. Geofencing advertising allows you to find your ideal customer and serve ads to them when they are most receptive to your message. It’s an outbound marketing strategy you can rely on to gain engagement, sales, and loyal customers.

Geofencing marketing is a location-based tactic that allows us to target specific geographical areas and groups of people to serve highly targeted ads to those people. With geofencing software, we build virtual fences around real locations and parameters to market to people who fit those parameters. Let’s define and find your perfect customer.

Say, for example, you have a new dental tool that you want to sell to dental practices in the area. You want your digital marketing efforts to reach your target audience of local dentists. We could place geofences around all of the dental practices in the area. Furthermore, we could narrow our audience to only people who visit those practices four or more times a week to eliminate customers from our audience and only target people who work there. We could also target events like dental conferences. And we could target based on demographic information, like age and gender. 

Once we’ve selected the locations and parameters we want to target, geofencing software uses information from cell phones to build an audience of people based on the outlined criteria. When people enter a location we have targeted and have location services enabled on their phone, they become a part of our target audience. From there, we can send display ads to them from a variety of platforms, like Facebook.

For another example, say you just opened a local coffee shop and are looking to increase your customers. You could use geofencing marketing to target a location within a few blocks of your shop and focus on individuals who frequent the area. You can serve your message to them, so they’re aware of your new coffee shop near where they live or work. You could also target everyone in your geofence, so anyone searching for local food or coffee near you is sure to find your coffee shop.

Geofencing marketing provides many possibilities based on your unique industry needs. Instead of just throwing your message out to a broad audience and hoping people will see it, geofencing allows us to focus outbound marketing efforts on a narrow group of people. Geofencing marketing lets us serve ads to those most likely to be receptive to them. 

Most people today want ads catered to their preferences. Geofencing cuts down on the waste created by less focused advertising campaigns: irrelevant impressions and clicks that see no return.

Geofencing is a powerful tool with the potential to improve your outbound marketing campaigns dramatically. If you can identify a location on Earth where your customers are likely to be, we can help you target your marketing efforts with geofencing advertising. Let’s target your perfect customer.