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We know your website is crucial to your business. Discover premium local and national web hosting and management services. Don’t trust your website to cheap hosting.

Web Hosting & Management

In today's business landscape, having a good website isn't enough. If your site is down constantly or running slowly, it won't bring in customers and will speak volumes about your capabilities as an organization. No matter how attractive your site looks, it needs reliable web hosting and management. Your website's success depends on it.

Our superior regional and national web hosting supports businesses that need reliable website hosting. Beanstalk Web Solutions provides personalized technical support, web software updates, backups, and security protection.

There is no place like home, and your website needs a safe place to call home too. Deciding what kind of server best suits your company's needs should be an easy tasks, but there are numerous webhosting options.

Our Services Include:

Managed Website Hosting

By letting us manage the techy details, you can focus on your business and not waste time worrying about your site. We have monthly or yearly hosting packages, and provide discounted rates for multiple websites.

Website Maintenance

As an experienced web development company, we can both host and provide website maintenance. No matter if you have a Wordpress, Joomla, or custom built site or database, we can make sure everything is working without a hitch.

Your business is not static. Your company expands into new areas and offers more services that you want updated on your site. We charge hourly for content updates, new page designs, and layouts.

Regular Backups

We always run several back up instances so your website works consistently for your customers and clients. Backups are also useful in case you want to revert to a previous version of your site.

Local and National Hosting

We have clients from the St. Louis area as well as across the country. Beanstalk Web Solutions works with companies of all sizes from small businesses to national organizations so we can help find the perfect web hosting solution for you.

Self Managed Hosting

Beanstalk Web Solutions can host your site on our own Virtual Private Servers (VPS), or we can configure your own hosting account with generous bandwidth space.

Free Hosting for Non-profits

Beanstalk Web Solutions believes in giving back. This is why we provide free hosting for your non-profit organization. If you run a nonprofit organization, leave the website hosting to us and focus on making the world a better place.

Why host with Beanstalk Web Solutions?

We treat our client's websites like they were own. Every website receives unlimited bandwidth capacity and consistent high-speed. We guarantee 99% up-time while conducting critical security updates during low traffic periods.

There are many other online companies offering web hosting, but quality and reliability counts the most. Keep your customers happy and keep your site going strong. We are a real, local St. Louis company with hosting capabilities to support regional and national companies.

Give us a call or contact us to find out how we can provide web hosting and management to boost your business's performance.

Website Hosting

You already know if you own a business, that business needs a website. Online and brick and mortar stores need reliable sites to establish a solid reputation and provide useful information as a marketing platform.

Most of your customers are finding you from Google, Yahoo, or Bing on their desktop or mobile device to find everything from store hours to pricing details. If your business doesn't show up in these search results, you could lose out on gaining new customers or dissatisfy existing ones.

A major factor in your search ranking is your site's performance. What powers that performance? High quality web hosting.

Customers want fast, responsive websites.

1. Fast websites receive more visitors, who visit more pages.

2. Fast websites get visitors who stay longer, return more often.

3. Fast websites have more engaged visitors, who make more purchases.

When you site is fast and works well, your customers are more likely to share your website. Put simply, good website hosting makes for a solid foundation for your web presence.

So you know you need website hosting but there are many options out there. Fortunately, Beanstalk Web Solutions offers a complete range of hosting option including shared, VPS, and dedicated. To determine which option is best for you, compare each level to having an apartment, condo, or a house:

Shared Hosting

When starting your first website, start with our shared options delivering powerful hosting and website space. Shared hosting is like renting an apartment with other tenants who share a common building and must share available resources with everyone. For an apartment, resources might include a pool or laundry mat.

For shared hosting, those resources include CPU time or memory. This option is perfect for new companies or smaller businesses that are launching their professional web image. Shared website hosting supports a few websites and blogs

VPS Hosting

For medium sized businesses or organizations looking to expand quickly in the next few months, VPS hosting is for you. VPS or virtual private servers are similar to condos. You still live on the same property, you can customize more of your individual space. On a VPS host, your business receives its own dedicated resources.

Businesses with several web applications or need secured data benefit from VPS. If your business needs more flexibility than shared hosting, VPS web hosting provides more bandwidth and space. VPS also provides more scalability for growth if you expect more website traffic or additional sites or blogs.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the final level so compare it to owning a house. You have complete control of your property and have unrestricted access to all resources. Dedicated web hosting gives you the entire server and the options to customize hardware and operating systems. If you have an enterprise level business, the benefits of dedicated hosting include high-performance for traffic heavy sites.

Migration Services

Already have a website, but want to switch to us? No worries, we can seamlessly migrate any website to our serves. Other web development companies do a simple transfer, but Beanstalk Web Solutions configures and test your websites for optimized performance. Our team of developers utilizes proven migration techniques to minimize possible issues before they start.

Beanstalk Web Solutions offers shared, VPS, and dedicated web hosting for suit your business. If you would like to get started with reliable and fast hosting, contact us today.

Explore all of our web development options or contact us if you have any questions.

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