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We specialize in developing mobile applications, both for the Android and iOS (Apple) platforms. Beanstalk prides itself as being a top St. Louis Mobile App development firm. Our team of in-house developers learned how to create mobile applications while pursing their computer science degrees. Since graduating, they have continued to hone their skills to keep up with an ever-changing field.

Having our developers located here at our Webster Groves office is a huge competitive advantage. Many of our competitors outsource their app development needs to offshore companies. Our work is truly 'Made in the USA' and our customers can enjoy a variety of other benefits by utilizing our local team. Our clients can come to our office to sit with the team to view the development process. In fact, we recommend it. By utilizing customer feedback throughout the app development process, we are able to keep the project on-pace and consistently moving in the right direction.

Our Agile/Scrum certified project manager helps bridge the gap between the developers and our clients. We have adapted an Agile/Scrum hybrid method of process control for our application development projects. Also, before we even start a mobile app, we have made our bidding process more accurate by utilizing the Wideband Delphi estimation method. These modern project management and bidding techniques help keep our projects moving forward very smoothly.

The Pegasus Bolt Mobile Application was one of our favorite projects thus far. Pegasus Bolt is an Android mobile app that assists UXO (unexploded ordnance) teams with securely and safely locating, logging, and photographing unexploded bombs. This project pushed the limits of phone hardware: the built-in GPS in particular. Additionally, security and encryption was of the utmost importance. We had to go as far as securing photographs as encrypted text files to ensure even a lost or stolen device would be safe.

Why make an app?

More people are spending time on their phone than at a desktop, and that number will continue to grow. Is your company ready to take a bite out of this market? It is time to plan for the future. A mobile app is a powerful way to reach your customers in their native environment.

Our team of programmers is experienced in both iOS and Android mobile app development.

If you or your business has an idea for an app, we have the skills and experience to exceed your expectations within your budget and schedule.

When your mobile app is complete, we will stay with you as your team of diligent tech support for maintenance or any additional needs.

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