Google Ads Tips for Digital Marketing

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If you’re just starting off, Google Ads probably seem like the end all be all of PPC marketing, as well as your fast track to thousands of leads. However, not every piece of advice from almighty Google is flawless. Whether you’re staying in the local St. Louis digital marketing space or trying to expand nationally, we at Beanstalk have learned which Google Ads tips to implement and which to set politely aside.

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Add Those Suggested Keywords!

As much as we love Google, sometimes they’re more concerned about boosting their bottom line as opposed to yours. Completely understandable but something you should be aware of nonetheless. The broad match keywords that Google occasionally suggests can broaden your reach, but they can also pull some irrelevant traffic. If you’re targeting something like a luxury item, you don’t want your ads showing up for bargain hunters. That being said, sometimes the broad matches are a hindrance rather than a help.

Upping Your Budget Based on Projections

Google will suggest you boost your budget and entice you using ridiculously appealing forecasts. Before you jump in and do just that, look at your lost impression share. Are you actually being outbid? Or could your money be better spent elsewhere? Sometimes more cash doesn’t always equal more leads.

Switching Up Your Bidding Strategy

With Google, you have a million options when it comes to bidding strategies. However, changing your bid strategy just because Google said so might leave with less engagement and less money. Make sure you’re aligning your strategy with your goals and keep an eye on your budget!

Enabling Google Search Partners

Turning this feature on allows your ads to show up from YouTube to Timbuktu on partner sites. While this sounds appealing, some of these sites aren’t sites your ideal customers will be on. This could mean your money and ad spend is getting eaten up by irrelevant leads.

Broad Match Crazy!

Google pushes broad match anytime you’re developing a new campaign or making a new ad set. Sure, it can be a useful target when you’re struggling  to gain traction in a more niche or crowded market. However, it often leads to a flood of clicks with no real conversions. Implementing tighter match types like exact or phrase match gives you much more control on the quality of the traffic you’re getting.

Ignoring Negative Keywords

It’s easy to forget about negative keywords but it’s such an important tool. Negative keywords help prevent your ad spend from going to searches that clearly aren’t a match for your product or service. Don’t forget to utilize it to tell Google what you don’t want!

Forgetting to Test Ad Variations

You always need test different ad versions! It’s such an important aspect of Google Ads that’s often not stressed enough. You want to see which ad resonates best with your audience so you can get the most bang for your buck.

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