How To Manage Your Own SEO 

manage your own seo

A successful business depends on good marketing skills. A company will gradually cease to exist if a brand fails to produce a good brand image in the market. We have walked into the future that has introduced us to digitalization making marketing easy comparatively. Once you understand how to manage your own SEO you can reach millions of people with the help of SEO management. However, it is not always necessary to hire an SEO agency. As an intermediate step, you can do a few things without deep SEO knowledge. 

Managing Your Own SEO

Managing your own SEO is not tough once you understand the basics and start implementing them in your daily tasks.

Here are a few tips to manage your own SEO: 

1. Use the Right Keywords

Keywords play an important role in SEO management. In order to choose the right keywords, one must consider the following things:

    1. The words and phrases that are used by potential customers 
    2. They should indicate the product that is being sold
    3. Choose from the common jargon that is frequently used in the industry. 

This will help you to narrow down the keyword list. Once you start using the right keywords it will increase traffic on the website automatically. If you cannot determine the keywords, you can hire SEO services to help you out.

2. Study your competitors

Knowledge of your competitors and their strategies will massively help to determine a strategy for your company. When you research your competitors look through the marketing strategies that they use for reaching out to people and to increase their market value.

What you should look for: 

    1. How do they structure their websites and link building services the keywords back to their website?
    2. How are they increasing the organic search to their websites and posts?
    3. Are the contents more interactive? Then why are they so?
    4. The difference between the type of content published being published by you and your competitors 

3. Optimize Your Site Properly

Once you make a list of the keywords, you will be ready to post content on the different pages. Before updating, ensure all the important keywords are subsequently integrated into content. The contents that you will upload should be unique, interesting, and informative. Besides uploading text, other elements can be added as well. You can add audio, video, and graphics if you want.

Factors that determine the increase in organic search-

    1. The keyword-rich section on every page will increase organic traffic.
    2. The title tags, meta descriptions, and headings should have keywords for the traffic to reach your websites easily.

4. Regular Content Flow

It is essential to make sure that interesting, unique, and informative content has a regular flow. However, it necessarily does not have to be well researched or very long.
The content you write should be-

    1. Simple, interactive, and crisp content for viewer attention.
    2. You don’t have to post text-only content and experiment with other things.
    3. Keep experimenting with your content by introducing illustrations, photos, videos, or other content that delivers the information and the message clearly. 

Once the content fails to engage customers, it will defeat the entire purpose of creating the content. So, make sure that you are keeping a few important things in mind. The simplicity, attractiveness, and information being passed on through your content will captivate viewers. 


To manage your own SEO can get expensive at times. Once you have gotten the taste of traffic increase, you definitely would want to increase it further. I understand the need for the best tools being an SEO executive myself. Make sure to only use the best tools as well as save some money on the other hand.




Author Bio: Mashum Mollah is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO at BloggerOutreach, a blogger outreach platform. He is a passionate blogger and blogs at Search Engine Magazine. Follow him on Facebook & Instagram