How To Recognize A Hacked WordPress Website And Save It From Hackers?

hacked wordpress website

Taking your business online and creating a website is essential in today’s world. WordPress powers 60.8% of market share in the content management system on the internet and interestingly the most hacked CMS as well. A hacked WordPress website can have a huge impact on a business’s online presence and security.

A significant challenge for every business is to build a secure website and resolve issues if and when hacked. Online presence is an unquestionable requirement. The times have passed when websites were akin to digital yellow pages listing. They now play a crucial role in today’s world as an amazing asset for business communication. With WordPress maintaining 34% of active businesses, you need to recognize a hacked WordPress website and learn some interesting facts on how to save it from hackers. 

However, in this online journey, it tends to be profoundly disappointing to experience hacking. Regardless of the basic widgets running on your website, hackers can, in any case, find access points through numerous tricks and loopholes. Data breaches profoundly affect consumers whose individual data and credit subtleties are stolen. Still, hacking can easily be detected if observed cautiously.

How to Recognize a Hacked WordPress Website

Listed below are a few signs to recognize a hacked WordPress website:

  1. Unnecessary pop-ups – To begin with, you will start to see unwanted pop-up advertisements, ones you didn’t install into your site.
  2. The website tends to freeze frequently – The site will in general freeze now and again, an indicator of being hacked.
  3. Multiple auto-linking – If you see a keyword linked to various other websites without you doing it, it is a red flag.
  4. Unwanted text in header and footer – You may likewise discover words or sentences in the header or footer segment of your page.
  5. Message from the host– A notification from the hosting provider about dubious and malicious activities on your website is sent.
  6. Blacklisting – If you are a well-doing website and it is hacked, you will soon be aware of it as it is blacklisted by pretty much every internet browser like Google, for instance.
  7. Readers Reaction – Readers will start complaining, as their desktop AV’s start flagging your site.

Even WordPress refers to a couple from the above rundown. Each hack has an alternate target. WordPress being hacked isn’t the apocalypse, and you won’t lose everything. Concentrate on finding solutions. You can connect with the WordPress forum for an answer but do list down the symptoms before contacting them.

How to Save a Hacked WordPress Website

You have recognized the signs. Now What? Let’s walk you through how to clean a hacked WordPress site and what measures you should take to save it from hackers. 

1. Restore and create a back-up

First things first, if you have taken a back-up of everything, promptly restore to the previous version. After a fruitful restoration, use the opportunity to add some additional security features. This will minimize any additional changes to your website. If you have one, then it will be easy for you to restore before moving to the next phase of cleaning. Keep a customary back-up of your database and files for the future.

2. Contact your hosting provider

Contact your host for their policy with regards to reinforcements. They manage these sorts of issues. The solution to your inquiries, how did it start? What was the pathway? Your host provider even assist you with shutting the indirect access created by the hacker for their future use.

3. Work on your access controls

A significant piece in the riddle of saving your site is password update. The use of long, unique, and complex passwords will do the trick. Incorporate all users that have access to the environment. The various access points include FTP/SFTP, WP-ADMIN, CPANEL (your host panel), and MYSQL. WP recommends a form of Two Factor/Multi-Factor authentication.

4. Scan and reinstall

Give your website a security scan and update all the plugins. Hackers use obsolete files to access your WP website, and once in control, create a comfortable and undetectable section for themself to navigate in the future. WordPress states the step by step form of its security audit log plugin where you can track changes in real-time.


After the in-depth elaboration on recognizing the hacked WordPress website and the significance of saving your site from hackers, certain viewpoints come out clear. The hack is cleaned, and your WordPress site is secure. Yet, that doesn’t imply that hackers won’t attempt it again. WordPress security must be a persistent exertion in light of the fact that those with a malicious plan will always access your site. WP mentions various resources to help you in the process of recovering your website.

After making these strides, you can also hire a website development company to assist you with developing a secure and protected website for your business. A professional can fix issues quickly and guarantee that your site is secure and accessible. Make that broad move, improve your website, and put the best foot forward in this digital world.