5 Proven Email Strategies to Add to Your Email Marketing Lineup

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Have you ever been in asituation where you’re creating new content for your email marketing campaign, and you ran out of words or ideas to write an email to your subscribers?

Well, when you have a huge audience out there reading your words, writing an email can be quite intimidating! 

You could be a bit worried about framing your email with the correct language and context.

Marketing is the crux of a business, and with the right email marketing strategies, you can build your own successful marketing foundation.

To help you with this, we have summarized five email templates as useful additions to your conversion funnel.

Shareable Content

This concept is simple! You share content with your subscribers the way you would share with your friends who have the same interests and preferences as you.

Popularly known as “proven content,” this strategy helps you build a strong bond with your audience. 

Ideally speaking, it is also one of the most creative ways to set a fresh email marketing tone for your audience.

Follow these tips—

  • Start with an informal tone and keep it casual.
  • Be careful not to add over-promising words. 

Case Studies

The main idea behind this tactic is to keep your audience engaged with a professional tone. 

You aim to keep the trust of potential subscribers, but if you run out of words or the content just doesn’t flow, ‘Case Studies’ can come to your rescue!

They combine a reasonable proportion of storytelling and useful information — something that is well taken by your audience.

Use case studies in your email to address issues or any explanations that you would like your audience to know.

This is a good way to increase your subscribers’ confidence.

Make sure your case studies email gives your audience the advantage of overcoming barriers.

Directing Your Email Marketing Content To Your Blog

Frankly speaking, it’s a good idea to direct your audience to particular content in your blog.

It is one of the best ways to win the support and trust of your audience, especially new subscribers. 

Redirecting your new subscribers to your blog can help them understand what you have in your archives.

You will find that this is one of the key strategies of various marketing agencies to promote brand awareness among customers.

It is one of the most effective tools to boost content traffic and increase brand awareness!

Be sure to direct links to useful and evergreen content on your blogs that relate to your sales funnel.

With short and sweet emails framed with a brief introduction, tell your audience why you’re sending them that particular mail.

Bear in mind that subscribers always respond to ‘Why’ after ‘What’— so engage them with concise briefings.

Adding bullet points to important contexts gives your audience the flair of the post.

This useful strategy not only grabs their attention but also boosts your click-through rate!

A Helpful Tip

Target the attention of your audience with a very useful tip!

This will help you grab their attention by providing them with something that they can immediately implement.

Make sure to write a valid and powerful tip instead of overcrowding phrases that may confuse them.

In the whole bargain, the content you send will end up being more precise, and subscribers may tend to take your word of advice.

And since your message is useful and actionable, your audience will also reciprocate to all your future mails!

Follow this — start with a brief and concise tip.

Then explain in one or two short paragraphs about why the tip might work upon implementation. 

This style of mail paves the way for a call-to-action, making it a valuable addition to your conversion funnel.


Position yourself in the shoes of your audience — and you will know the power of FAQs!

Add a Q&A section in your mail to stay one step ahead before your subscribers start raising their doubts.

It’s a proven strategy to build confidence in the minds of your audience and works to great depths in marketing your reputation.

Survey the preferences of your audience and frame your FAQ section based on their doubts. 

Formulate the issues faced by them as questions and frame the answers that would clear their doubts. 

Archive important and useful Q&A section in your email to help your audience connect with you.


There is no question of doubt about the effectiveness of these 5 useful email templates to boost your conversion funnel.

These templates are highly adjustable and adaptable to different segments of your mails. And they seamlessly help you target the right audience.

With a precise amalgamation of perfect timing and great email content, you have got everything to boost conversions!


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