Wordpress Websites

Wordpress Websites

The Best WordPress Websites in St. Louis

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) available, and the development platform of choice for Beanstalk. When developing websites, we generally use WordPress for a variety of reasons. First of all, WordPress is open-source. This allows us to customize WordPress to the fullest extent. There are no limitations to what can be done. Second, WordPress allows clients to make basic changes to their website themselves, without needing to know any coding. Finally, the WordPress development community has released many plugins and themes, which when implemented correctly can save development time and costs.

Beanstalk is an expert at WordPress web design. Since our founding, we have created over 300 sites using the platform. We are different than your average WordPress development agency because we have a lot of experience when it comes to customizing existing plugins, the WordPress core, the WordPress database, and even creating our own plugins. There is no WordPress task that we can't handle and most likely already have experience in dealing with it.

All of our new WordPress websites come with the following features by default:

100% Mobile Responsive Design

  • All pages are optimized for proper viewing on all screen dimensions and devices.
  • Your website will look clean and organized whether it is viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.
  • This is accomplished by coding 'if-then' statements that dictate how content on the website should be arranged depending on the dimensions of the view-port (screen size).
  • A mobile responsive design is also a crucial variable which affects Search Engine Optimization (SEO). On April 21, 2015 Google released an update which favors mobile responsive websites in its search engine rankings.

SEO "Kickstarter"

  • The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) "Kickstarter" is our implementation of the most basic, SEO foundations that would be included on a website. More advanced on-site SEO is an additional charge and we recommend our keyword research service before proceeding with anything more than the "Kickstarter." The majority of SEO occurs off-site and we offer those services as part of our monthly, recurring Internet marketing plans.
  • The "Kickstarter" includes completion of the following five items:
    1. Meta Titles: Each page on the website has a specified Meta Title which serves to describe what the page is about using keywords. The Meta Title is the first line of text that appears in a Google search result.
    2. Meta Descriptions: Similar to the Meta Title, the Meta Description allows for a more in-depth description of the web page. The Meta Description is the 3rd line of text that appears in a Google search result.
    3. Sitemap.xml Generation: An XML format map of your website that specifies the URLs that are available for indexing. The Sitemap allows search engines to more intelligently read your website.
    4. Robots.txt: A file which encourages search engine robots to crawl your website and specifies the location of the Sitemap.xml file.
    5. Google Webmaster Tools submission: A free tool set provided by Google that helps you properly submit your website for indexing.

Integrated Blog

  • All WordPress websites come with a blog which can be used to regularly post news or other content related to your organization.
  • The blog serves as a place for users to become more familiar with your organization.
  • Regularly updating a blog with new content can improve search rankings.

2 Conversion-Optimized Web Forms

  • Forms on your website can be used to collect information from users.
  • Most often, forms are used to allow users to submit general inquires, request a quote, etc.
  • Other possible applications include a newsletter signup, a job application, or an order form.
  • Our standard contract offers two forms. We can price additional web forms a la carte.

Embedded Google Map

  • A Google Map embedded in your website which users can use to locate your business or organization.

Social Media Platform(s) Integration

  • Icons on your website which link to your social media pages.
  • You may also choose to have your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter feeds embedded directly on your website.

Installation of Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics is a free service that allows access to detailed website visitor data.

An hour of WordPress Training

  • The goal is to allow you or multiple representatives from your organization to update text, photos, links, and other basic details independently.
  • The training would be tailored specifically to what sort of features you anticipate changing in the future.

Explore all of our web development options or contact us if you have any questions.

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