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Ecommerce Websites

E-Commerce Development & Customization

Online sales accounted for more than a third of total retail sales growth in 2015. In economic terms, $341.7 billion dollars in sales happened online in the U.S. As your E-commerce partner, we will help your business grow into new sales by following commercial transactions best practices.

Is your site optimized for e-commerce?

You actually may never see your customers, but you can ensure they have an easy and simple experience with your company online.

Setting up an e commerce storefront can be intimidating. Let us help you in these key areas:

Design Optimized for Sales- From clothing stores to health gyms, we will develop your site with conversions in mind. Not only does it need to look good, your site needs to be fast, simple, and reliable. Your industry expertise combined with our development team will provide your business a unique opportunity for increased sales.

Safe, Secure Software - Increasing e-commerce access means more customers in contact with your brand. On the flip side, this means more access online dangers like DDoS attacks, data leaks, and identify theft. All of our sites are developed using sophisticated programming to ensure only administrators gain access.

Marketing Strategy - Your site needs to drive targeted traffic for new sales and repeat customers. We can help create your unique marketing campaign for your audience through Google AdWords, social media advertising, and email campaigns. Keep your customers engaged and coming back for more.



Woo Commerce (Woocommerce, woo commerce, woo-commerce, woo commerce dev, woo commerce designer)

Woo Commerce Development

You know you need an ecommerce site, but you also want a straightforward solution. In the past, creating an online store meant a long, complicated development process. Now there are is a software to help your business expand.

Woocommerce is one of the fastest growing ecommerce software, powering over 39% of all online stores. Built to seamlessly integrate with your existing Wordpress site, Woocommerce is a popular choice for many of our clients because it provides an easy and flexible experiences for businesses and customers.

Beanstalk Web Solutions can jumpstart your online business with Woocommerce by setting up product pages, payments, shipping, and sales reports. As your online business grows, we can help you take it to the next step by installing one of the many Woocommerce extensions like PayPal, Amazon Payments, and UPS.

Once we have developed your online storefront, we will train your team on simple tasks like adding items or editing descriptions. That is the beauty of Woocommerce. It is easy to use as powerful. But don't worry, if anything does pop up or if you have questions, we are always here to assist you.

Explore all of our web development options or contact us if you have any questions.

Magento (magento, magento developer, magento ecommerce, ecommerce magento, magento website)

Magento Development in St. Louis

Magento is the web's most popular ecommerce platform. Ready to meet the needs of any size business, from small, medium, and big. Some of the biggest brands like Coca Cola, Ghirardelli, and Nestle use Magento because of its adaptability and innovations. Magento is constantly updating to stay in touch with the evolving demands of your customers. It is also specifically designed to combine your digital store with your physical inventory to give you complete overview of your business.

At Beanstalk Web Solutions, our full team of developers has extensive experience in Magento development to create a custom ecommerce site for your business. Magento can also be incorporated with your existing Joomla, Wordpress, or your individual company's operations database. Contact us to get started with your custom Magento website.

Web Applications (web application, web application design, web app developer, web app development)

Expertise Web Application Development

If you see your organization trying to coordinate from several online resources, it is time for a web application.

Web applications are online programs that use web browsers to give users access to a wide array of functionalities. Some popular examples include Salesforce, Gmail, and Facebook. Our St. Louis based team of web app developers can create a specialized web app for your business or personal projects.

Instead of opening numerous software programs for one job, a web app can consolidate these individual tasks.

For example, if you manage your inventory through Excel spreadsheets, Dropbox files, and Outlook emails, products get lost in the clutter of different programs trying to talk to each other.

Our efficient web application design will streamline user-experience and save your employees and customers massive amounts of time.

Our web app development team will design a specific app for your business needs like:

  • Data Management
  • Customer Accounts
  • Financial Reports
  • Purchase Orders

With technology consistently evolving, don't let your business fall behind. A customized web app is a central foundation for your operations. Beanstalk Web Solutions can build a productive, simple web app functional across all browsers and platforms to give your audience clear access.

Explore all of our web development options or contact us if you have any questions.

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