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Logo Design

Professional Logo Design to Promote Your Brand

Beanstalk Web Solutions is an online graphic design company specializing in logo and website design for business branding. Our driving mission is to make your business stand out from the crowd while elegantly communicating your identity. Our logo designers give you custom graphics quickly, meeting your budget, and exceeding your expectations.

Our logo developers transformed a once long, drawn out process of design and simplified it through technology. The design process used take endless meetings, numerous conference calls, and a flood of emails. Beanstalk Web Solutions knows there is a better way. Our project management and design coordination means a more efficient logo design process.

We hold an initial discovery meeting where you meet with your graphic designer. During this session, we listen to your ideas and what message you want to communicate. We ask questions in key areas about your logo and brand:

Mature or Youthful

Playful or Sophisticated

Economical or Luxury

Literal or Abstract

These questions are not in black or white. Design is nuanced, and our artists work with you to learn the unique features of your brand. Our logo design discovery makes it simple to describe your ideal logo and set your budget. We work from small businesses with a few staff members to large companies with several branches.

Ethical and Quality Logo Design

Unlike other companies, our logo creators are not a bunch of freelancers only here for the money. Did you know other design agencies use design contests and only the winning designer gets paid. This is called "spec" or speculative work.

We believe designers who are only there for the money do not have your business long-term success in mind. Beanstalk Web Solutions wants to be your comprehensive resource for all your development and marketing needs. This means our graphic designers are equal, full-time members of our team so they have an equal stake in your business' success.

Your Company. Our Incredible Designs.

Quality branding is essential to your company. Without a solid logo to bring your entire brand together, your organization will face an uphill battle trying to stand out. An amazing logo gives your brand credibility and instant recognition.

Our logo creator's are trained in the best practices for good design:


One of the main aspects of logo design are colors. Shades and hues carry meaning and instantly communicate a message about your company. What do you want your colors to say about your company?

Colors inherently relay different emotions and memories. The color palette for marketing a wedding boutique vary compared to a fitness gym. These businesses want to promote their companies, but need to take different approaches to the colors used in their logo design. Our graphic designers will match the theme and tone your business to your customized logo.


The typography, or fonts, used in your design is another key component to effect logo design. Other freelance or online logo makers neglect the importance of typeface. Our experienced graphic designers know how to use fonts to reinforce your company's brand.

There are hundreds of different font choices and styles. We consider the font type for your industry. More conservative industries like accounting or investing should select a sophisticated font style, while the restaurant industry can use a range of more playful styles. Beanstalk Web Solutions takes all these factors in consideration.

Bringing It All Together for Your Perfect Logo Design

When investing in a branding package, you need professionals who know logo design and know your business. Your brand represents your business before a sales rep makes that first call. Beanstalk Web Solutions creates dynamic design to tell your customer what you stand for as a business in one glance. Our team of graphic design professionals is ready to help you make the best first impression.

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