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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Powerful Targeted Advertising

It happens at your homes, schools, and businesses. Millions of people go online and check their posts, tweets, and pictures through social media networks.

A few years ago it was optional to have a social media presence. If your company didn't have an active Facebook page or Twitter profile, many customers would be unfazed.

Times are different.

Social media is now one of the most powerful and ubiquitous forces in marketing. If your company lacks a clean, clear profile with active posts, you will lose credibility. "If they can't manage a basic Facebook page, can they take care of my needs?"

Your social media network is your business card. Social media marketing is an effective way to attract new customers and raise brand awareness organically.

Despite all the perks of creating a social media strategy, making an engaging game plan can be time-consuming. If done haphazardly, bad social networking marketing can hurt your business reputation. Now is not the time to leave your social media management in the hands of an intern. The market is too complicated.

Professional social media marketing is here. And its name is Beanstalk Web Solutions.

Social network marketing means your business can reach customers where there are spending hours of their time. From there, you can start a relationship and nurture a connection leading to that all important phone call or inquiry.

Beanstalk Web Solutions' team of Marketing Specialists creates engaging social media strategies that attract, energize, and turn online followers into customers. How do we achieve your businesses goals through social media?

Our answer depends on your business industry and audience. The social branding we create for our clients varies because we know that unless your social profile stands out; it will get lost in the media noise. To take your business above the fray, our social media managers use the following platforms:

Facebook - It may feel like there is a new social media network every week, but Facebook is still the most popular social network for marketing. If your company or organization does not have an attractive Facebook page, your brand message is disappearing from the view of over a billion users. Beanstalk Web Solutions promotes your business on Facebook by creating an eye-catching profile and building an online following with engaging posts, videos, and links.

Twitter - While Facebook is a top social media network, Twitter provides unique business advantages. Twitter's compact 140 character format allows users to post quickly. On average, people post on Facebook once a day, while Twitter users post several times throughout the day. Beanstalk Web Solutions can help you use Twitter to succulently reach out to customers and monitor current trends within your industry.

We create a consistent brand message through all of your platforms to grow a following and optimize content for customer engagement. Beanstalk Web Solutions listens to your business goals so we can we can seamlessly represent your business.

Facebook Management

Get Started with Facebook Marketing Today

At Beanstalk Web Solutions, we can launch a brand new Facebook account for your company or edit and manage your existing accounts. We create attractive Facebook pages, profiles, and banners with captivating posts and content to entertain and motivate your current customer base and potential new leads.

More consumers expect businesses to be active on at least three social networking sites, and Facebook tops the list.

Beanstalk Web Solutions understands Facebook for business. See how Facebook marketing gives you a competitive advantage:

1) Your customers want to connect through Facebook - According to Edison Research's Social Habits report, 76% of consumers want to connect with business on Facebook. Establish your credibility and meet your customers needs by having a dynamic Facebook profile.

2) Presents the human element of business - Your Facebook account gives your company a human element. A solid Facebook management is about more than posting sales events; Facebook allows you to communicate the "Why?" behind your company story. Customers can log in and share their positive reviews. Employees can post pictures of your volunteer day. These brand stories show what makes your different from the other millions of companies out there.

3) More opportunities to convert leads - Your business goal to make a profit. This mindset should be in the back of your mind during each business decision. Facebook can help your business close sales because there are so many opportunities for reaching out the customers. Every post, video, or comment your business makes is another reminder your business is present. Studies show that social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate compared to outbound marketing.

An active Facebook presence can improve website traffic and raise SEO rankings. Do you want to reap of the advantages of this social network? If you need help managing your existing Facebook pages or need assistance getting starting from level one, Beanstalk Web Solutions is here. Contact us today for a free Facebook Marketing consultation and see how we can we can help bring in more customers.

Twitter Management (Twitter advertising, twitter manager, twitter management tools, marketing on twitter)

Thousands of companies are already using Twitter for their business. Millions of people use Twitter to find, share, and discover new what is going on in the world. You should also see Twitter through its business lens. You can use Twitter, much like Facebook, for organic traffic and advertising.

The top reason to use marketing on Twitter is it is another avenue to connect with customers. Twitter is a main part of your potential customer's daily routine, especially those on mobile who check their Twitter feeds first thing in the morning.

Your business can create content to draw new customers, but it can also interact with customers who have questions or comments about your business.

Branding is another advantage. Your main profile is another complimentary part of your business persona. Twitter advertising is a way you can take your company to the next level with targeted content. Here are three areas our marketing team can help you unlock the power of Twitter:

Get Website Traffic - We can help bring more people to your site using Twitter's Website Card. A Website Card is a promoted Tweet featuring engaging copy, eye-catching graphics, and a clear call to action to visit your site.

Gain New Followers - Our Twitter management tools can guide more followers to your brand. Your business can then bring these possible leads into your sales funnel.

Get Web App Downloads - Beanstalk Web Solutions can create Twitter advertising specifically for your mobile app. Over 83% of Twitter's users are on mobile. Take advantage of this unique audience and increase your app downloads.

If you need help on the basics or want to get started on Twitter advertising, contact us today.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Social Media Ad Campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and more:

Beanstalk Web Solutions designs Social Media Ad Campaigns for all the most popular social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media advertising campaigns are a powerful way to reach your potential customers in their natural environment by driving website traffic or increasing brand awareness.

No matter how big or small your business is, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. How can your brand stand above the noise?

With a smart and adaptive social media marketing strategy, your business can successfully reach new potential customers.

The marketing team at Beanstalk Web Solutions has years of combined experience in social media advertising and how to utilize it to increase your business.

Social Media Ad Campaign Services:

Facebook - Advertising on Facebook is one of the most impactful ways you can raise brand awareness and acquire more leads. More than one billion people are on Facebook. Your business can leverage Facebook's massive network. Advertising on Facebook is already optimized for your audience since it has featured advertising for years. Our Facebook ad management can target your new customers based on gender, location, age, and interests.

Twitter - A Twitter ad campaign can be extremely effective, especially in the mobile realm. Most users use Twitter on mobile devices so if you have a web app or technology business, Twitter ads can be a lucrative form of promotion. Twitter can also target audiences based on devices, followers, and behaviors.

LinkedIn - You may not think of LinkedIn as a viable marketing channel, but we do not overlook this platform. LinkedIn advertising provides a different scope of targeting audiences including job title, employer, role, skills, and more. LinkedIn profiles typically contain more "professional", current information for more accurate marketing reconnaissance .

Other - From YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, and Instagram, there are many other social media sites ready for advertising. Each of these platforms reach a unique and passionate audience. If you have a niche business or organization, one of these platforms may be a solid choice for you. We can help tailor your ad message to resonate perfectly with your intended viewers.

We know a successful social media strategy takes more than web links and budgets. A quality campaign takes a team of graphic designers to create custom, eye-catching graphics. You need marketing strategists to not only write the perfect text, but plan your ad for optimal delivery time and audiences. A properly created social media ad campaign can increase website traffic, build a following, and more.

Social media marketing is focused on creating "sharable" content. If your social media ad is attention-grabbing, it will naturally motivate your followers to share with their friends.

Do you have a social media idea or project not listed above? No worries. Contact us today, and we can get started on crafting your one-of-kind social media ad campaign.

Facebook Ads

To get started on your Facebook ads your whether you want to boost your following or drive traffic to your site, Facebook Ads are one of the most impactful ways of advertising.

In the old days, to get the word out about your business, you may of signed up for a billboard off the side of the highway or put an radio advertisement. These methods were highly visibly, but highly generic. Unless your company already had high brand visibility, you can end up spending thousands without an increase in business.

There is a better way now.

Over a billion people access Facebook through their desktop and mobile devices. Facebook ads offer a unique way to reach people who are already inclined to share links and content. If your ad is interesting, your business will see more sharing and engagement.

At Beanstalk Web Solutions, your personal account manager will design ads to promote your brand, create a clear call to action, and accomplish your specific Facebook advertising goals. There are several options for marketing objectives including:

  • Reach People Near your Business
  • Collect leads for your business
  • Increase website conversion

We will work closely with you on your Facebook marketing strategy to make sure to find the goal best suited for your needs.

“Facebook now gives us more feedback about the demographics that are responding well to our ads. This way we can make adjustments to optimize a campaign.” - Evan Weber - Digital Marketing Expert

Facebook also gives you the power to get your ad in front of the people who are most likely to engage. Targeted demographics allows you to segment your Facebook ad targeting to based on gender, age, location, and friends. If your business knows its core demographic, we pursue that group for a higher click through rates.

Beanstalk Web Solutions puts together all the factors of a profitable Facebook ad campaign to give you results. We are here to help. Contact us now to get started.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ad Management for St. Louis and Beyond

Along with Facebook ads, Twitter advertising is another channel to achieve your business goals. With 42% of Twitter users following business brands, Twitter gives an unique window to get the attention of potential new customers. You may already have a basic Twitter profile and bio, but your business is missing out on new opportunities if you don't take advantage of their native advertising.

Twitter ads are gaining traction because they are short, quick, and easy ways to introduce your brand. While Twitter ads are made for brevity, Beanstalk Web Solutions does not cut any corners while creating your customized Twitter campaign. We make sure your Twitter campaign is integrated with all your other marketing efforts.

When we create your Twitter ads, we give your campaign specific, measurable objectives. Your campaign is designed to drive traffic and bring value to your business. Our tailored Twitter objectives include:

  • Website Clicks - Drive more visitors to your site to grow site traffic, increase purchases, encourage specific actions like complete registration or sign up for email newsletters.
  • Increase Followers - Twitter users feel more comfortable buying from brands they follow online. Moreover, 69% of Twitter users have bought something from a business that advertised on Twitter at least once.
  • Engagement - Getting more retweets, likes, and replies can get the word out about your business. If you have an big event or a new product launch coming up, promoted tweets can increase visibility and put your best foot forward.
  • App Downloads - Over 80% of Twitter's users are on mobile, making it a powerful channel for app awareness. We can create Twitter ads to increase downloads and motivate people to re-engage with your software.

For each campaign, we target a specific audience relevant to your business, manage your monthly budget, and closely manage your campaign dashboard monitoring impressions, clicks, and results.

Ready to get started? Let us set up your Twitter campaign for success. Contact us for more information.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Advertising Can Help Your Business Grow

LinkedIn may not be the first social media network that comes to mind when you're thinking of advertising. Isn't LinkedIn just for business connections? The truth is LinkedIn has brains and brawns to get your message to a valuable audience. There are more 450 million active users on LinkedIn ready to see you brand in a professional context.

Beanstalk Web Solutions will craft a clear, intelligent LinkedIn advertising campaign to match your brand's level of experience.

LinkedIn advertising can help you access a unique audience, target the right people, grow your business. Organizations like Microsoft, Duke University, and Hubspot advertise on LinkedIn to communicate their brand to specific groups such as educators or marketing managers.

Is LinkedIn advertising right for your brand? Let's take a look:

1) Do you know your target audience job titles?

LinkedIn ads can target people based on their job title. If you are a technology company that provides software for managing finances, we can help you get your specific ad in front of the relevant industry employees like accounting managers or financial advisors:

There is a lot of advertising noise out there. Effective advertising relies on precision, not broad, generic messages.

2) Do you know where your target audience is employed?

Targeting certain work places can be extremely useful if you offer a unique service. For example, if you are a recruiting company looking for a specific work background, we can gear your ads to a few companies.

3) Do you know your target audience's position within their company?

LinkedIn display ads can be directed to certain positions like managers or assistants. If you are holding a conference for high-level decision makers, our LinkedIn ads will show just for C-Suite users and encourage them to complete a registration form.

Don't worry if you don't know the answers to all these questions, Beanstalk Web Solutions will craft your perfect LinkedIn Ad through one of these channels:

Sponsored Content - Get your message in front of the people with desktop, smartphones, and tablets. This content can help your company build important relationships with new business connections, attract new followers, or gain quality leads from decision makers. Beanstalk Web Solutions can help you decide on a set budget or go with the cost per click/impression options. Conversion tracking is also available to quantify your return on investment.

Sponsored InMail - Send personalized, important content directly to users through LinkedIn Messenger. For a more intimate way of advertising, LinkedIn provides InMail so you can precisely address your desired audience. These ads drive actions whether it is registration, downloads, or product trial. Your Sponsored InMail will look attractive on any desktop or mobile platform with the call to action button front and center. One of the most exciting aspects of this LinkedIn Ad is the ability to reach users when they are active to get the most attention.

Text Ads - A fast, efficient way to get leads for your business. LinkedIn Text Ads are targeted to specific groups to drive them to your website or landing page. These ads are similar to their Facebook or Twitter counterparts with an attractive image and engaging text. Even though this type of LinkedIn display ad is more straightforward, our marketing team still takes the time necessary to make the perfect ad campaign and set up conversion tracking. You can decide on much or little you want to spend on your campaign, and your business only pays for clicks and impressions.

Is your business or organization ready to connect with motivated professionals? Beanstalk Web Solutions is ready to get your ads on LinkedIn and reach your ideal network. Contact us today to get started.

Explore all of our web development options or contact us if you have any questions.

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