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Tap Into New Markets with Social Media Marketing

Your customers are already on social media. Reaching your target audience is easy when you maintain an active presence on the platforms that they visit most. People are following and interacting with their favorite brands on social media, and you should be one of them.

Social media marketing utilizes different platforms to reach different potential audiences. Professional social media management strategically targets unique audiences through different social media channels to drive more qualified leads to your site. Having a social presence connects you to your customers, improving your credibility and trust.

Connect Your Brand’s Personality to Customers with Organic Content

Organic social media management includes writing, posting, and interacting with social content naturally. Organic content shows your audience the human side of your organization. It shows off your brand’s personality to engage and captivate your audience. Organic social media marketing is all about building a natural and consistent presence in your customers’ feeds without seeming pushy or annoying.

Crafting a consistent supply of quality content can seem daunting, but at Beanstalk, we provide social media management services to boost your social presence. One of these is evergreen content – timeless content that can be scheduled and posted multiple times throughout the year to maintain a robust social presence without extra effort.

Drive Targeted Leads With Paid Social Advertisements

Paid social advertisements allow you to push thoughtful content to the right audience on the right platform at the right time. Don’t work harder, work smarter and get the qualified leads you desire by strategically targeting the social platforms that will likely give you the best results. The people you’ll reach on LinkedIn aren’t the same ones you’ll reach on Instagram or Facebook. You need a focused social media marketing strategy that understands the nuances of each platform.

The good news about social media marketing today is that it remains a fairly inexpensive way to see results. With paid social media advertising you are able to target and retarget your ideal customers while you are increasing brand awareness. Geofencing is a location-based marketing tactic which allows you to create an audience of your ideal customers based on demographics and locations you designate. Remarketing ads even allow you to show your content to people who have already interacted with it before in order to reach them at a point in time when they are more likely to convert.

How Strong is Your Social Media Strategy?

Discover just how strong your social media strategy is and where your growth opportunities are with a social media audit. As a professional social media management company, our social media audits take a deep look at how you utilize each social media platform. We’ll let you know what’s working and how you can better connect to your audience with tailored content.

At Beanstalk, our professional social media management services span every major social network: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and beyond. We can help you discover which social media platforms will help you reach the customers you desire. Let’s design a strategy to boost your social presence.
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