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How Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising help your business? PPC is a form of search engine marketing to generate clicks directly to your website instead of attaining clicks organically (through blog posts, keywords). These sponsored PPCs are showcased at the top of the search engine.

So how is this beneficial for your business? Since PPC ads are shown as the top results, searchers are more likely to click on them. Unlike other types of advertising which feel invasive, potential customers don't find pay per click abrasive as long as the sponsored ads relate to their needs.

The customer clicks on your ad directed to your website. You are charged for that click, hence the name "Pay Per Click".

This is where Beanstalk Web Solutions comes in. Crafting the perfect message for your PPC campaign takes experience and market research. This is especially important because of the pay per click bidding system. Google AdWords, the most popular PPC, uses an online auction where your company sets a budget and makes bids on a list of keywords.

Pay Per Click marketing is powerful, but can lead to expensive costs if not done properly. The advertiser with the highest maximum bid does not automatically get the top ad rank. Your ad quality and format play an equally major role in whether or not your ads are displayed by Google.

Beanstalk Web Solutions knows smart Google Adwords Management can boost your business without breaking the bank.

Our internet marketing team manages:

  • Keyword Research and Testing
  • Campaign Setup and Optimization
  • Custom Advertising Content
  • Monthly Detailed Reporting

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