Zoom Room - Crestwood

Digital Strategy Transformed.

Client Profile

Zoom Room Dog Training provides canine training using positive reinforcement. This training ranges from obedience training, agility training, puppy training classes, and enrichment workshops.

The Problem

Our client was struggling with a franchise-provided landing page. This page was a text-heavy, unwieldy landing page on zoomroom.com that offered a subpar user experience (UX), making it difficult for users to engage.

Additionally, Zoom Room was dealing with stagnant marketing efforts. Their solo marketing attempts weren't yielding the desired results, leaving them with average weekly revenues below their target.

The Process

Zoom Room Crestwood decided they needed an innovative digital strategy to break through and reach their goals. This is where Beanstalk Web Solutions stepped in, leveraging a blend of design expertise, data-driven marketing, and targeted advertising to reconstruct Crestwood's online presence and drive impressive results.

We also developed a high-converting landing page, emphasizing clear CTAs, user engagement, and easy accessibility. Designed to be non-indexable, it acted as an exclusive hub for paid campaign traffic.

The Results

1. Landing Page Metrics: The CTR for social ads doubled post-landing page introduction, jumping from 0.54% to 1.14%. Additionally, the Cost Per Result experienced a commendable reduction, moving from $0.7 to $0.54.

2. Enhanced Conversions: Since the revamped landing page launch, our client has had a total of 182 form fills, 75 direct conversions from paid campaigns, and 107 conversions using sources such as retargeting and direct returns.

3. Revenue Surge: Our clients weekly revenues saw a significant uptick, reaching an approximate 75% increase in revenue.

4. Replication Success: The palpable success with Zoom Room Crestwood paved the way for collaborations with 10 other Zoom Room franchises, testifying the efficacy of Beanstalk's approach.

The Bottom Line

Through a strategic overhaul encompassing an effective landing page, targeted ad campaigns, and data-driven insights, Beanstalk Web Solutions catalyzed a dramatic digital turnaround for Zoom Room Crestwood. The results speak volumes: enhanced user engagement, lowered campaign costs, and substantial revenue growth. Beanstalk not only helped them achieve their goals but also set a precedent for other franchises to follow.