Sleeve a Message

A Salesforce Match Made in Heaven.

Client Profile

Sleeve a Message™ is a leader in the takeout beverage industry, supplying and customizing messaging on beverage consumables. They provide the tools and the expertise to turn customer packaging into a creative and engaging medium.

The Problem

Our client was dealing with time-consuming manual data entry due to orders from WooCommerce needing to be manually updated into Salesforce. This led to potential errors and inefficiencies. Additionally, despite an initial attempt to connect WooCommerce with Salesforce, synchronization issues persisted, causing data discrepancies. Our client was also dealing with reordering discrepancies due to the lack of clear indicators for reordered products. This was forcing designers to either recreate assets or sift through historical data to locate existing designs. Lastly, there was a duplication in order management, which added layers of unnecessary complexity.

The Process

Our first step was to create robust automation to bridge WooCommerce orders with Salesforce, updating in real-time to avoid discrepancies. We also introduced a "smart" reorder system that auto-matched new orders with any prior ones, flagging repeat orders to designers and auto-fetching existing assets. Additionally, Beanstalk proceeded to build functionality around the client's current workflow.

The Results

1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By integrating WooCommerce and Salesforce, we reduced the need for manual data entry, ensuring that designers and order management staff could allocate their time to more value-driven tasks. The integration brought about a workflow that was not only faster but also more consistent and reliable.

2. Accurate Real-time Data: Synchronization between the two platforms drastically improved data accuracy. This meant fewer discrepancies, reduced error rectification times, and more accurate forecasting and reporting. Having reliable data at their fingertips allowed Sleeve a Message to make better-informed decisions, leading to increased customer satisfaction and trust.

The Bottom Line

By strategically connecting WooCommerce and Salesforce and embedding smart functionalities, Sleeve a Message witnessed a transformative overhaul in their order management process. The streamlined workflow, coupled with the intelligent use of technology, positioned the company for robust growth, highlighting the essence of tech-driven solutions in modern business scenarios.