Why You Should Consider Redesigning Your Website with WordPress

Your business website is like a digital storefront.

And, if it doesn’t look appealing, isn’t mobile friendly, or doesn’t load quickly, then customers are going to keep walking away.

Lots of business owners rely on their company website for leads and to show potential customers what they offer. However, when it comes to designing and developing a company website, most business owners think they can’t get all the bells and whistles. But, that’s not true. Why, you ask? Meet WordPress!

wordpress redesign benefits

WordPress is an open source platform that powers the back-end of your company website. It’s commonly known as a CMS (Content Management System) due to its ability to create and organize content and media easily on all of your website pages. You can even higher a web design company to redo your website with the latest design trends.
So, are you curious to learn why it’s the best option for your website? Then keep reading…
You’ll be Able To Start Using Your Company Website As A Blog: If you’re using another website to host your blog, or have no blog at all, switching to WordPress will solve your problem instantly. Not only is the platform easy to operate, but it’s the perfect platform for blogging about your business. You’ll just need to setup a page on your website as a blog, and then you can start adding posts to that page. A blog can help your business go a long way as it’s the most efficient way to add new content to your website and keep your customers updated about your business.
WordPress Constantly Updates Itself: Constant updates mean you can be confident that your website’s security is up to date and aligned with the most current policies. You don’t have to manually check for updates and maintenance, WordPress does it for you. So, you can sleep like a baby knowing that WordPress will keep working to make things more secure.
WordPress is Open-Source: Open-source means that developers can contribute software in forms of plugins, updates, and themes. But, how does that benefit you? Well, the system is continuously improving. You can reap all these benefits without paying for them.
WordPress is SEO-Friendly: Search engine optimization, or SEO, means making your website searchable by search engines like Yahoo or Google. Mastering SEO can take a lot of time, but WordPress offers plugins that make it easy to optimize your site.
WordPress Is No Newbie: WordPress has been around for over 10 years, so its engineers have had plenty of time to improve the platform. While WordPress isn’t perfect, it’s a platform that all levels of developers have grown to love.
Coding For WordPress is Standard: Many business owners hire web developers who develop a complicated website that nobody can manage. That’s fine, until you need to change your website again. One of the reasons the WordPress is great because most developers know how to code within the platform, and it’s super easy for non-tech savvy people to make small updates.
Having a WordPress Website Puts You in Good Company: Yes, WordPress has become ‘every guys CMS’. And, it’s perfect for business because it has everything that a business needs: from full functionality to scalability, and it also provides unlimited possibilities if your budget grows down the road.

Whether you’re starting out as an entrepreneur or you have a business that’s growing like weeds, if you want to have a company website that grows along with you, then WordPress is your best option!

About the Author: Ryan Holman has worked with a leading website design company in Australia for the last few years. In this post, he shares some reasons to consider redesigning your website using WordPress. Stay tuned for more content from him.