Tips to Improve Your SEO Rank That You May Not Be Thinking Of

In the current world that we live in, it’s almost taboo not to be using some form of internet and for digital marketers, this is a very sacred breeding ground for success. Although there are plenty of ways digital marketers can reach a plethora of internet users, one old faithful is SEO.

Almost all internet marketers use SEO practices every day in their day-to-day tasks, but some may not realize that it’s important to be creative and innovative when thinking like a typical internet user. Of course, it’s important to follow the basics and fundamentals of SEO, like relevant keyword research, backlinks and optimizing SEO titles and meta descriptions, but what other ways are there to boost your rank that you are not thinking of?

Below are some key tips you can use to start improving your SEO ranking.

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Write for the User

This tip might seem obvious, but when writing about certain topics, it can get tough trying to provide enough content that will drive traffic to a certain post or business and thus “keyword stuffing” becomes appealing. Not only will Google notice this, but your readers will too. Keyword stuffing causes the meaning and purpose of a post to get lost in relevant keyword jargon, all for the sake of possibly improving your rank on Google. That being said, it’s always a great rule-of-thumb to keep in mind the user. Write for the user, not for Google.

As a side note, also remember to keep your content focused on and relevant to your topic. Try not to stray away from the topic too much and try not to incorporate too many ideas that aren’t focused on your topic. Click-bait is a major no-no in the online world and one of the fastest ways to lose a potential client.

Write for Bookmarking

Piggy-backing off of our last tip, writing content that is dense in content quality is important for not only improving your SEO rank but also improving the user experience. Since the first rule of SEO practices and digital marketing is that the user always comes first, it makes sense to include this nugget in your regime.

When users like your content and can grab valuable information from it, they are likely to come back. Mix this in with consistent posts and users could even bookmark your page. According to an article on, if internet users decide to bookmark your page using Google Chrome, this could possibly improve your website’s SEO ranking on Google.

Bookmarking a page can also indicate a sense of trust and respect in the expertise of the content of a website.

Social Sharing is Caring

Sometimes it easy to forget about social media when writing quality SEO posts or trying to increase your rank, but providing social media buttons for users to share your content can be beneficial in more ways than one.

Certain social media plug-ins can allow you to see how often and where your content is being shared. This can be a useful tool to let you know where you receive a lot of attention and which social media platforms you need to work on.

Not only will having a social media plug-in be useful in improving your search engine rank, but it can also be an organic marketing tool. Users who find your posts resourceful and informative will want to post it and share it with other people within their social media realms, which in turn could potentially drive more traffic to your website.

With the internet world forever changing and evolving, these tips are not an end-all-be-all remedy. So be sure to check back with us for more helpful and relevant tips!