The Fundamentals of SEO-Friendly Web Design and Development

Most people login to the internet to look for specific information on the web. They type in some keywords and then pick a website from the first page of the search results. The thing with people is that they usually search using keywords and not a particular product name. That’s why SEO-friendly web design is so important.

website, SEO-friendly, website design

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a complex issue that is changing all the time, it’s sometimes confusing and difficult for the webmaster to identify and implement all the SEO parameters. Organic SEO is a complete concept with multiple tools and it is not possible to touch every aspect of this SEO. The parameters shown here in terms of website creation is based on how Google promotes websites.

Importance of a URL structure

The term URL is an acronym for the Uniform Resource Locator. This is the URL of the site and the content pages as it appears in the top field of the browser. A website built with future thinking about search engine optimization places an emphasis on the proper structure of the URL, from the homepage to the internal pages of the website.

Make sure that the URL of the website is clear and properly optimized to get the attention of Google’s algorithm. An important thing to note here is that the URL must be related to the content and theme of the website.

This parameter allows search engines to index the texts in the relevant niche and subject matter. Make sure to include in the URL search phrases that are based on keyword research when URLs are constructed from a few words, it is important to separate them with dashes or underlines.

Simple and Accurate Navigation Menus

In the context of website building, navigation menus are of great importance to the visibility of the business over the internet. Menus and easy navigation make it easy for search engines and users to browse through the website. They are an added bonus when it comes to the ease it brings to users.

For the most part, menus are located at the top or side of the page. Eye-to-eye studies conducted through heat maps have shown that the top and side of the page are the best locations for adding menus.

website, SEO-friendly, website design

Having sufficient menus and easy navigation around the website will keep the user on the website for a long time. The longer a user stays on a website the better it’s ranking on a search engine like Google.

If you are planning Dropdown Menus, try to maintain accuracy. Make sure the menus lead to focused pages and do not confuse the user with unnecessary options. In recent years, graphic elements have penetrated menus and occasionally the menu is based entirely on icons. Most webmasters recommend maintaining text navigation menus, as this is significant in how search engines crawl the site and decode its structure.

Never try to find a Way Across the Search Engine Algorithm!

Many services even SEO could promise a website owner or a business that they can find a way to cheat the Google Algorithm and rank the website higher. In the short-term this trick could work, but, it could be the worst thing anyone could ever do to their business.

Finding a way around the algorithm is not something true SEO experts would recommend. The thing is that Google and Bing find out the cheat and penalizes the website pushing the website down into unknown web territory. It usually takes penalized websites 2 or more years to get back on track.

It’s always essential to follow white-hat SEO-friendly web design methods for long-term success and generating organic traffic for your website.

How to Get Links Built?

Link building is a vital process that if done correctly can earn links on other websites. It’s important to know how to get links built for effective link building. Organic links despite taking a long time to develop are much more reputable. Self-made links could work for the business in the short term but over time Google will penalize the website severely for wrongdoing.

Link building could be the best thing about a website but Google ranks link building as spam so, taking necessary precautions is mandatory. Quality is one thing that Google and Bing do not compromise. Hence, in terms of SEO, link building must be organic and it should seem like an integral part of the website.

An important point to note here is that Google brings in traffic to websites; any customer who is on a particular website is a Google’s customer. Therefore, it’s reasonable that Google provides its users with the best website and the most relevant information that the customer is looking for over the internet. Google follows its customers and they want to provide them with an excellent user experience.

Having sufficient link building will allow the users to get more information from the website, which in turn will please Google that their customer is happy.

Quick Loading Web pages

Google measures its customer satisfaction by determining how much time a specific customer has spent on the website. If things like slow loading web pages annoying the customer, then there is a major chance for negative ranking right here! What do you think will happen if the site’s position in Google search results is poor?  The website will significantly drop its ranking due to long load times.

Maybe it’s the slow loading speed of the site, maybe the site does not look good on mobile, maybe the site has spelling errors. Whatever the reason, the fact is that customers are abandoning the website. Proper SEO-friendly web design techniques can improve the traffic to the website.

Avoiding flash will increase the load times of the website considerably, use WordPress instead of Flash-based websites. Such websites have shorter loading times, which will guarantee more traffic to the website resulting in higher ranking. Some quick changes to the website can be implemented, such as creating an XML sitemap.

Author Bio: Jennifer Taylor