[Infographic] Portrait of a Mobile Consumer

How has the world changed in the growing world of mobile?

As the technological age progresses, there is continued emphasis placed on the importance of targeting the mobile consumer. There are expected to be as many as 8.2 billion devices in circulation by 2018, meaning there’s a nearly unlimited pool of consumers to try and tap into.

In 2013 alone there was a growth of 81% in global media data – something which will no doubt rise further when those 8.2b devices produce an average of 2.7GB of data per month.

Unsurprisingly, mobile commerce (m-commerce) has seen a rapid incline in this time. By next year, it’s predicted m-commerce transactions will rack up to a staggering $626bn, while currently 50% of all Amazon transactions are made on mobiles.

Companies would be wise to tap into one of the other fastest-growing markets in existence – social media. Currently there are a staggering 1.23 billion Facebook users on the web; nearly the same size as the continent of Europe.

Harnessing the potential of this mass of people could prove huge from a commercial perspective. Clues as to how to do so were given in a recent survey. This found just 36% of people trusted ads they saw on social networks, whereas as many as 70% of people have faith in consumer opinions posted online.

If you’d like to discover more about the mobile consumer, check out the amazing infographic below:

infographic Email_instant_Mobile_Consumer_infographic