Pay-Per-Click Advertising


What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are the listings in Google/Yahoo/Bing that appear at the top of the search results. They are called Pay-per-click ads since you only pay if your ad is clicked on and a person visits your website. This means traffic to your website is guaranteed. The cost of a click varies depending on the industry and the keywords used in the ad, but clicks often cost between $2-5.  The focus then becomes optimizing ads so they are shown to only the most relevant potential customers, leading to a higher percentage of clicks becoming conversions (Call you / fill out a form).

Pay Per Click Advertising


Why is it effective?

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the most cost-effective forms of direct marketing owing to its payment model and the ability to optimize ads and narrowly target customers. What separates a strong PPC campaign from a weak PPC campaign is how well data is pruned and used to optimize ads.

Why choose us?

Our contracts are month to month.   We are 100% transparent. We are efficient at pruning data and optimizing ads.

We offer month to month contracts for several reasons. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with being locked in for 6 months, a year, or more. We also understand that for some industries the volume of business varies depending on the season. We want to give our clients the freedom to scale up, scale down, or turn off marketing when it best suits their needs.

We offer month to month contracts because we are confident in our ability to provide relevant traffic to our clients’ websites on a month to month basis. We are proud of the success we have with Pay-per-click ads and as of yet, have never lost a Pay-per-click client.

We operate in a 100% transparent manner.  For Pay-Per-Click, we charge for setup and management, but ultimately let you control the account and the budget that goes into ads.  This way you know how much money we make directly versus how much goes into advertising costs.  Many companies will keep this information private and grossly overcharge the client.

We are efficient at pruning data and optimizing ads. We install tracking codes provided by Google on your website that allows us to isolate data from only users who click on your ads.  Using this data we optimize your ads so that they are only shown to the most relevant potential customers in the most relevant locations and during the most relevant times of day or year.  We are consistently able to optimize PPC accounts to make them two to three times more effective.  This saves money and lowers the cost per new lead.

Our rates are the most competitive in the area.  We are more affordable, more reliable, more transparent, and more effective than the competition.  We have month to month contracts because we know will deliver.