Why Does Minimalist Design Works So Well?

Minimalistic web design is taking over the whole market, and a lot of people can’t understand how something that simple can be that successful. They think if it’s simple, it has to be easy. The truth is far from there. Because there aren’t plenty of elements, designers have to be really innovative in order to achieve the same functionality. There are some techniques they use while working on this type of web design, and they are called the pillars of minimalism. The text below will provide you with some of the most helpful ones, so you can get a better insight into this game-changing way of building websites.

Negative Space

The first thing you can think of when you hear word minimalism is the use of space and especially negative space. Minimalist design may appear as a small visual which is surrounded by dull expanse, but it’s not. The most gifted designers express negative space with white or black backgrounds, and those colors have the best hold on the average viewer. Of course, there are some designers who use the full-color background in their minimalistic expression. The magic of negative space lays in human eye anatomy.

Namely, the more negative space you have around the important element, the more visible the given element will be. This is one of the reasons why minimal design is so effective, it plays with the viewer’s mind. In addition, a lot of negative space helps designers to really pay attention to a small number of crucial elements on website pages. That way, the designer doesn’t have a lot of jobs, and visitor won’t get overwhelmed with the abundance of stimuli. Keep in mind that one of the main goals of using negative space is to draw more attention to the content of the page.

Big and vivid photos

There are some designers who think the minimalistic design is cold and emotionally distant. Their claims are easily denied with a simple large photo which will add a comforting touch to a page, without dominating the space. One of the best moves of minimal designers is certainly the utilization of hero headers and hero images. They are often defined by a slider placed next to the top of the scroll.

This simple move enables emotional connection with viewers and improves overall atmosphere. In order to pick the right photo, you should make sure all visual minimalist characteristics are there. Use the high definition image, which can depict a room with few chairs and a lot of negative space, such as white walls. You can also try a photo of a mountain with a lot of blue sky above it. Try to avoid busy compositions since they will distract the viewer and you’ll lose the effect of the minimalistic design.

minimalist design


Breathtaking messages

One of the most important elements in the design of the website is the proper use of words. Simply, you can’t attract visitors without a powerful message. The minimal framework can be perfectly improved with beautiful and sharp typography. This is a tool you should use in order to bring the immediate focus to the words and content.

Besides that, with the use of dramatic typography, the talented designer will be able to paint a much larger visual. In case you aren’t sure which way to go, feel free to seek help from an experienced professional like Beanstalk Web Solutions or Perth Web Agency. They will be happy to help you understand how bold styles and interesting fonts can improve the aesthetic on your homepage.

Appealing contrast

The perfect canvas for contrast is most certainly white background, and most of the leading minimalist design experts are using it regularly. The usual and most popular setup is black or white background, overlaid with a large photo or bunch of small colorful elements. It is good to mention that contrast can be achieved with shapes, sizes, colors, location, and scale. The contrast will attract attention to important page elements and will create an appealing visual hierarchy.

Straightforward navigation

The hamburger icon became a favorite of minimalist design. They are using this shortcut to decrease the number of the elements on the page, and facilitate the navigation even more. Traditional navigation is becoming a thing of the past even with old-school designers. Everybody wants to trim down a number of UI elements and make the navigation simple and efficient. Keep in mind that adding a hamburger menu may hide some elements from users older than 45 years, who may not be used to these icons. Because of that, make sure you know your audience and adjust the website to meet their needs and habits.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why minimalist design is so appealing and functional, and those described above are just the tip of the iceberg. An experienced designer will play with the light and symmetry as well in order to point out the most significant elements. The effective minimalistic expression isn’t easy to achieve, and those with a sharp eye and a lot of experience will be able to handle it properly. Don’t go with this style just because it’s popular. Make sure your customers will know to appreciate it. Go ahead and investigate habits and the aesthetic needs of your average client before redesigning your website in a minimalistic manner.


About the Author:

Ronald was a law student who turned rogue and now works as a business consultant at a small Australian company, Media Gurus and he is also a freelance writer. In his free time, he enjoys playing pool, reading a good book or just being outdoors with his dogs.