Link Building Techniques for Achieving Maximum Engagement & SEO Success in 2018

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Today you can no longer achieve top Google rankings simply by keyword stuffing. In the past, article spamming would have aided you in gaining a boost in your audience but that does not make any sense today. You must really work hard with full dedication. If any sort of spamming is present on your website, you could be penalized. One of the most successful strategies for boosting SEO is link building.

Remember link building is still considered to play a pivotal role in enhancing the ranking of a website on the Search Engine Ranking Page. However, procedures of link building have changed over time. Today it is extremely challenging to rank a website without top-quality backlinks.

Experts have concluded that link building is integral to the success of a website and it is essential if you are looking to boost the visibility and overall rankings of your website and achieve top SERP rankings. So, how do you identify the right link building techniques? Here are some absolutely practical and powerful link building strategies that online marketing specialists use for achieving success.

Internal Links

Internal links are found going from page to page within the website. We know that internal linking often does not get the importance it deserves but it is an amazing way of helping the visitors to your site to dig deeper. For internal links, you can identify an impressive keyword phrase present on any page and consider linking it to your homepage or an inner page with much more information to make sure that the visitor stays much longer exploring your website.

Advantages of internal linking are:

  • It enhances page authority and aids in passing link juice to all other pages equally.
  • It is helpful in decreasing the website’s overall bounce rate.
  • Enhances previous blog posts simply by boosting exposure and driving some traffic.
  • Enhances overall indexation and crawl-ability of your website.
  • Assists in boosting keyword rankings provided your webpage has some strategic links with relevant content.

Articles Are Still Quite Effective

Posting of the same article across different websites has been banned by article submission websites. If an article directory seems to allow linking, you may consider using just a single anchor tag for linking it with your website. Moreover, you are advised to make sure that the anchor text backlinks are used in a natural manner.

Product Reviews Are Useful

If you are in the business of selling some products, it is quite obvious that the customers or potential buyers would be checking out the products meticulously. They may browse the Internet to go through your product reviews. Product reviews would help customers by telling them exactly what to expect from the product and what the product would actually be doing for them. Product reviews could be conducted by the manufacturers themselves or you could seek professional assistance from an advertising agency.

Vlogging is very much in vogue in recent times so you could employ the services of a professional vlogger for doing some product testing on your behalf. For instance, you may send your specific product to a vlogger and he would make an apt video explaining the product features and benefits of using the product, to his audience. You would certainly obtain some good backlinks in this way, from his blog or video.

Focus on the Latest & Incorporate the Current Year ‘2018’ in Your Posts


Users have a tendency to opt for the latest. They have a natural preference for updated posts, as such, it is best to add the current year to the heading or you may alternatively add a CTA to the headline. Focus on the latest for maximizing your potential to obtain initial backlinks. This could also be helpful in getting first page slots for your website. Always try adding the current year for increasing curiosity. However, you may consider incorporating words such as Discover, Top, Free, Fastest, Greatest, Try, Get, Oldest, Newest, Cheapest, Expensive, Unbelievable, Most, and Best, etc. in your headline to grab more attention.

Make Judicious Use of Interviews

You must give an interview as that is a brilliant technique for attracting and driving more visitors to your site when they find you talking about your product or when they find people praising your product. There are many websites and blogs that are interested in conducting interviews with both big and small entrepreneurs online. While doing interviews, you would be getting backlinks since your contact details would be shared with the public.

How would interviewers know that you are looking forward to being interviewed? You need to consider creating an ‘Interview Me’ page on your site for letting everybody know that you are available and prepared for an interview. Moreover, if you are following certain bloggers already, you may directly request them for scheduling an interview with you. You may not get an instantaneous response from them but your turn would surely come. Be patient. This way, if you could organize an interview every month or so, you would be successful in getting robust backlinks and automatically, your visibility would be boosted.


Creating infographics could be a wonderful way of promoting links. This could be an effective and creative way of boosting your website’s reach and engagement. It is quite natural that visuals would be speaking much more as compared to simple text.

These days, infographics are pretty viral on the social networking sites. It is regarded as one of the most popular ways of bringing a one-way backlink to your site. Your contact details and company logo must be incorporated in your infographic for connecting it automatically to you. Do not forget to include your site’s address in your infographic. This would help in building your brand image. Submit it on various social media platforms. If it is authentic and fascinating, people will be sharing it on their profiles.

Tips for creating successful infographics:

  • Create your infographic keeping your target audience in mind. Keep it relevant and simple.
  • You must try limiting the size of your infographic to around 1500 to 2000 pixels so that it loads faster.
  • Incorporate important figures, facts, and do not forget to give due credit to your resources in your infographic.
  • Create a fascinating story that retains audience curiosity until the end.
  • Use maximum two different fonts and do not use more than three colors.
  • Always pay attention and concentrate on the flow.
  • Keep your audience engaged with impressive charts and graphs.
  • Create a stunning headline for your infographic. However, do not use more than 70 characters.
  • Do not forget to incorporate an authentic and unique description of your product and remember to use the targeted keywords in different ways to hold the audience’s attention.
  • When your infographics are ready, you could post them to various infographic sites for building links.

Some Techniques to Avoid While Link Building for SEO


There are numerous techniques of link building for boosting search engine optimization. In this context, you must know that there are some bad techniques of link building that could adversely impact your website ranking. Moreover, you could be penalized and it would be pretty tough to recover from such a situation.

Here are some bad link building practices that must be avoided:

  • Selling & buying links.
  • Excessive exchange of links.
  • Implementing an automated system of link building.
  • Posting irrelevant links.
  • Using link farms and web-rings.
  • Using poor quality links.
  • Creating a network of websites intentionally for interlinking them.


An effective link building stratagem with an approach towards link earning would always fetch better outcomes in terms of your site’s traffic and SERP position. You could utilize the effective link building techniques suggested in the article for getting the desired results for your blog or website. Moreover, always keep track of your competitors if you wish to stay ahead of the curve.