How to Create Effective Landing Pages

Whether you are trying to gain leads from Google Ads, a social media campaign, or SEO, effective landing pages are crucial. The landing page is the first, and sometimes only, impression a customer will get of your business. It is critical to create a page that clearly and effectively illustrates what your business can offer customers and captivates your audience to take an action.

With a landing page, there is a lot of room for creativity and experimentation. But, good web design companies know how to elevate the basic elements of a simple landing page to reach their goals. The following four components are essential for creating a successful landing page. Perfecting these elements can set your landing page apart and win you more conversions.

Top 4 Elements of Good Landing Pages

1. Captivating Headlines

The headline is the first text a visitor will read on your landing page. Its purpose is to clearly illuminate what the page is about and show that the page is relevant to what the visitor is seeking. The most effective headlines will go beyond just naming a product or service. They capture a visitor’s attention with something intriguing that compels them to read more.

Take a look at our SEO landing page, for example. The headlines clearly do two things. First, they make it clear that the page is about SEO solutions. Second, they give an interesting offer that speaks to visitors’ needs and interests them in reading the rest of the page. “Claim Your Space on Google’s Front Page” is not only a huge benefit offered on this landing page but also something a visitor was seeking when searching for SEO services.

landing page


2. Unique Benefits

If you want a visitor to take action on the page, you’re going to have to go beyond just stating your services. Chances are there are many businesses that can offer similar things. You need to explain why they should choose you over other companies. What makes you unique? Is your product or service more affordable, better quality, quicker, more valuable than the competition? These are all aspects that help convince visitors to commit to your business over the competition.

Our landing page for SEO illuminates the unique aspects of working with Beanstalk in each section. We included a section to show the different services we offer, why they are important for building SEO, our competitive advantage, and what a potential customer can gain from working with us.

seo landing page unique benefits


3. Inspiring & Interesting Images

Interesting images are one way to quickly convey a lot of information, without taking up a visitor’s time. The purpose of a landing page is to get your message across as quickly and effectively as possible and to inspire action from a visitor. Images visually supplement text on your landing page and help visitors read and synthesize information. Relying on basic stock images can even send the wrong message, and make your landing page look cheap and unprofessional.

To elevate images on your landing page, look for ways to incorporate them flawlessly with the text on the page. On our SEO landing page, we have a picture of our office incorporated into the background of the page. This makes the landing page look professional and interesting. We also supplemented the text with custom graphics that illustrate some of our selling points. Images help present an abstract concept like SEO in a more digestible and interesting way.

seo landing page images


4. Convincing Call to Action

Whether the goal of your landing page is a form fill, phone call, or something else, the call to action on a landing page is probably the last thing a visitor will look at and the last opportunity you have to make an impact. A basic call to action can be effective, but an interesting call to action can inspire people to take an action they might not otherwise.

Don’t rely on a basic “Submit,” “Call Now,” “Contact Us,” or “Learn More” button. The most effective landing pages include interesting calls to action that inspire visitors. Our SEO landing page includes several calls to action. For people who are on the fence, who have made it to the bottom of the landing page, we included the clear call to action of “Get Traffic”.  This call to action is interesting. It highlights the end goal of an SEO plan and what a potential customer can gain from choosing Beanstalk.

seo landing page call to action

If you are struggling with marketing tactics that aren’t converting, try incorporating some of these elements into your landing pages, or talk to us. We can help you create landing pages that captivate your target audience and convert visitors into leads.