How to Migrate Salesforce Test Data from Full Sandbox to Developer Sandboxes

Data is a very important asset to businesses.

salesforce data migration

Without data you can’t make informed decisions, because data is analyzed to uncover details that can be used for decision making. Without data, it’s not possible to carry out certain tests. For instance, if you’re developing technology for your business, it’s important to have data that you’ll be able to duplicate and use for testing purposes.

Data is how many businesses are creating custom technologies that are helping their business grow.

Understanding big data

Growing a database is not an easy task. There are so many issues that you’ll have to grapple with like the quality of the data and the security of that data. You can’t throw just any data into a database. On the contrary, you have to be extremely aware of the quality of the data. You have to ensure that the data is not only reliable, but also relevant. Secondly, you have to guarantee the security of the data that is stored in your databases. It must be protected against unauthorized entry and from virus attacks.

The biggest problem with big data is simply its volume. Controlling big data is always a huge challenge, even for businesses with very sophisticated databases. One of the hardest tasks is usually data migration. Moving data from one source to another one is like moving huge amounts of money from one bank to another. There is always a risk that the money will be lost. Moreover there is the risk of distortion of the data.

That’s why data migration tools are extremely helpful, like the Flosum Salesforce data migration tool, which is especially helpful when moving test data from full sandbox to the developer sandbox. A “sandbox” is a feature in Salesforce that is helpful for testing and developing web tools and applications.

Make the work of your developers easier

Developers have to grapple with many challenges, like complicated codes and conducting multiple tests. They should not be forced to suffer an even bigger headache because they have to immerse themselves in a full sandbox to get test data. When this happens, there is a risk of codes being overwritten. As a developer, you would not want to keep experiencing errors that force you to start your work all over again.

With a data migratory, you will be able to get the test data from a full sandbox to your developer sandbox very easily. This reduces the risk of messing with the data and also messing with other developers’ work. It’s also great when it comes to reducing the costs of your business. Getting several full sandboxes is just too costly for many businesses to afford.

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