Here’s Why It Is Time for Your Business to Hop on The Cloud!

How did you get here? No, really! Have you ever wondered how you navigate from one location to another using GPS or how the Uber driver can drop you at your doorstep after one of the nights you had one too many? Well, those are the results of cloud computing. From finding new skins for your laptop to buying the best cat litter, cloud computing has been helping us all in one way or another, and we just do not realize it most of the times.

To be more precise and less pedantic, you may call the delivery of computing services like servers, storage, software and analytics over the internet to your device as cloud computing.

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How high is the cloud?

Cloud is the centralized location of all your data. It is surely not a physical location, and that makes the cloud accessible from anywhere during any time of the day. It is like fast-forwarding into the future from a time where people used software and applications on their computers to run analysis and more.

This cloud is quite reachable for most companies. From multi-national corporations to small NGOs, anyone can use cloud computing to step into the future. It has the power to streamline the operations of businesses. Well, one cloud server can store data from several companies. Most companies are migrating their existing data from physical storage units to clouds, and this includes hosting of websites, blogs, streaming video and audio and running data analytics.

Cloud storage offers dynamic data backup and recovery systems for everyone. Even the smartphone using individuals are now backing up their messages, phone information and application details on different cloud storage systems. Many smartphone companies are offering cloud services of their own. The cloud services New York companies provide a milieu of services which include data migration, quick delivery of application updates, firmware updates, and data backup services. It not only helps most businesses find the data they need from any location, but it also provides added data security.

How can cloud storage help your business?

That is just a glimpse of how cloud services help businesses. Let us take a more detailed look at the ways cloud computing services help businesses:

  1. Cost-effective: almost all companies can reduce their expenses on data server maintenance. It includes cooling costs, power costs, and software upgrade expenses. It does away with regular travel costs, storage system failure and restoration costs permanently.
  2. Global reach: no matter where you are, you will be able to see how much you made in the last campaign or you can release the latest business API update on multiple user devices in all corners of the world.
  • Easy access to resources: IT resources are just one click away in the new age of cloud computing. Companies can make these resources available to all their users in lesser time, with lower use of resources. You can even collaborate with multiple partners on new projects, without leaving your physical location. While staying in New York, you can communicate and safely share data with your collaborators in London or Japan without even leaving your office chair.
  1. High flexibility: the cloud can size itself depending on your data needs. You can always start out small and then expand the storage as your company grows. Clouds have a scalable growth just like your business.
  2. Safe data storage: clouds can employ multi-level authentication and SSL encryptions for data. Only authorized personnel from your company can access the stored data. As an admin, you can revoke the access rights to prevent data leaks. In addition to that, since the data is on an untouchable cloud, it is always safer than hard drives. Human-made disasters and natural crises can almost never touch the cloud storage.
  3. More reliable: all the resources you need for your business will be just one click away from you, no matter where you are. You will be able to make new resources and innovations available to your users in record time, without any added expense of resources with just one touch. You can access the data from your mobile phone, your iPad or your laptop. It means that you will be able to solve any IT related issue or logical problem faster than any small business with limited resources.

Millions of customers are gradually migrating to different formats of storage. Millions more are using cloud services each day to reach the office, buy Christmas gifts or book tickets for the holiday season. Businesses need to step forward and embrace the change. You need to give the security and accessibility your data deserves, by choosing the right cloud service for your company.

Author Bio:

Sujain Thomas is a data expert. She has been working with for quite a while. Her work involves streamlining the growth of businesses with the cloud services they commission by making the infrastructure agiler and cost-effective.