4 Tips to Make Sure Your Business Gets the Most Out of Social Media

You must have heard the saying “If you’re not updated, you’re outdated.”

This definitely applies to social media. Recent research revealed that there are almost a billion social media users worldwide and the number is increasing by 25% each year.

This has not gone unnoticed by businesses. Most companies have established their online presence through social media and are active on a variety of social networks.

Almost all industries and service areas are using social media, and why not? With the number of benefits of getting involved with social networks, one of the major benefits is that it helps with boosting sales for the company. So, with this article, we’re looking at the four tips to help you make the most out of your social media accounts.

1. Your employees are your best brand advocates

Nowadays, most companies have their own dedicated social media team. Employee social advocacy programs encourage staff to share updates about the business through their own social media accounts. Content shared by the employees yield higher rates of engagement than content shared through the brand’s social media accounts. A strong social media team can lead to an impressive payoff if their efforts are done in the right way.

2. Utilize messaging apps
There are almost 4 million global active users who use messaging apps, from Whatsapp to WeChat to Kik. Many users prefer these messaging platforms over Facebook and Instagram. As a result, messaging could be another smart way to promote your businesses. Messaging apps can play a role in sharing content among different users.

3. Utilize the very specific targeting options
You must have noticed the increase in ads on social media feeds, right? That is social media advertising. Businesses used to promote themselves through banner ads, but those have been replaced with sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram, as well as promoted tweets on Twitter. Now, advertisers target the ads not just on the basis of gender and age, but also according to interests, company affiliation, location, job title, and many other criteria. With social media advertising, it’s extremely easy to make sure your ads are showing up in front of people who actually have an interest in your product, as opposed to letting your ad loose and hoping for the best.

4. Try your hand in making videos
Video sharing on social media platforms has created a buzz all over the internet. A recent study found that last year, Facebook almost doubled its daily video views (overtaking YouTube), and Twitter launched its own native video feature. Besides that, Snapchat reports 6 billion daily video views.

With social media’s exponential growth in popularity, companies should be joining these platforms for the promotion of their brand. Using social networks can grab the attention of potential customers and help boost sales and increase brand loyalty.

Author’s Bio:
Daniel is a web designer and a professional blogger.