Beanstalk Turns Ten

The Roots of Our Journey

It all started in 2013 when Tim Hebel, driven by a lifelong passion for creativity, founded Beanstalk Web Solutions. His entrepreneurial fire wasn’t something new; it’d been in him since he was a kid. The dream of creating and nurturing something from scratch was what fueled his ambitions.

This journey took a tangible turn in college, where Tim ventured into web development. Initially, he designed websites for family and friends, a small gesture that rapidly spiraled into a significant workload. This unexpected influx of projects was the catalyst for Tim to expand his horizons and formally establish his web development business.


The Growth Phase

Tim’s commitment to providing quality web services at fair prices set the foundation for Beanstalk. He prioritized transparency with clients, ensuring they understood their investments. His goal was to bridge the gap between the complex world of web development and client comprehension, enabling them to make informed decisions about their digital presence.

Embracing this vision, Tim brought together a team of like-minded classmates, each contributing their unique skills and ideas. This collaboration marked the official formation of Beanstalk Web Solutions, which has continued to flourish under Tim’s dedicated leadership.

Beanstalk Today

Today, Beanstalk stands as a testament to Tim’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach. With a team of fourteen committed employees, our mission is to exceed customer expectations in providing web-related services.

Our success is evident in our numbers – over 500 clients and 800 projects – and has positioned us as a leading web development company in the St. Louis area. We pride ourselves on numerous accolades, including fastest-growing companies and best marketing firms. Tim’s receipt of the “40 Under 40” award in 2021 highlights his exceptional leadership and contributions to the industry.

The recognition we’ve received is a source of immense pride for our team. We’re honored to be part of such a professional and dedicated group.

Looking Towards the Future

Despite our current successes, we don’t plan on stopping here. Our vision for the future is to elevate Beanstalk to new heights in the marketing industry. We aim to become a household name, both regionally and nationally. This goal, while challenging, is within our reach through strategic expansions, hitting revenue targets, and growing our team. We plan to leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices like EOS and AI to foster our growth.

Beanstalk is more than just business goals. We aspire to cultivate a workplace that people are eager to be a part of. We believe in nurturing a culture that is both enriching and enjoyable for our employees, understanding that a happy team is crucial for delivering exceptional service to our clients.

Beanstalk is doing more than aging; we’re growing. We’re evolving into a robust and unstoppable force in the business world, and we’re thrilled to continue this journey into the next decade and beyond.