Beanstalk Web Solutions Featured in UpCity’s Article About Small Businesses’ Social Media Strategies in 2022

The survey article, 56% of Small Businesses Are Prioritizing Social Media in 2022, was published on UpCity. As one of UpCity’s Top Social Media Agencies in the U.S., Beanstalk Web Solutions’ very own Owner / Founder, Tim Hebel, contributed his professional insight.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, U.S. and Canadian-based small businesses are adjusting and adapting their social media strategy to reach their audiences effectively. This includes assessing their most impactful social media platforms, the content types that they produce, and the posting cadence that drives the best results.

UpCity, an online marketplace that connects businesses with trustworthy B2B service providers, corresponded directly with the social media marketing experts on their insight into how small businesses are handling social media. Tim provided his expert reaction to the original data point: 66% of small businesses mostly shared original social media content Pre-COVID, compared to 63% now in 2022.

"Not only does the 3% decrease post covid surprise me but I am also surprised by the 66% pre-covid number. We live in a time where forming a connection with your customer is just as important as your product and social media is the easiest way to form that connection. At this point every small business should be utilizing social media as it is a free organic way to promote your brand." - Tim Hebel, Owner/Founder, Beanstalk Web Solutions

For more information, read the entire UpCity survey article here.