7 Web Development Techniques You Must Know In 2017

Mastering the techniques of web development for an exquisite website is a demanding task.

Web developers are constantly working on new techniques and updating their knowledge and expertise on regular basis.

2017 is going to be another thrilling year for developers who are thriving to make their websites stand out among the clutter. You must have a good grip on most of the web development techniques and website designing trends from last year, and the years prior, but it’s time you up your game as a web developer and equip yourself with the cutting-edge techniques and technology in the field.

These web development techniques and trends showcase the evolution of technology and website creation tools. The 7 top are as follows:

1. Internet of Things (IoT) is dominating

The phenomenon of the Internet of Things seems to have accomplished its goal in the recent years. The incorporation of internet related functions in things like kettles, cat food feeders, heat system sensors, and other things makes it easy to control everyday objects via smartphone applications and other online portals. The increasing popularity of IoT implies that the web developers must learn to design applications that are used to display the data of the device.

2. Rails 5 in action – a powerful web development tool

Rails 5 like angular JS, was released in mid-2016 and since then it’s dominated the world of web development. It offers very tempting benefits to developers that have the potential to change web development completely. In 2017, Rails 5 is expected to make new records. The interesting features that it offers include:

  • Creation of API only applications has become easy, as well as their pairing with the Javascript frameworks.
  • Turbolinks 5 and actionable are appealing additions to the program.

3. Replacement of static images

The use of motion UI has replaced static images on different websites. No one entertains the idea of 2-dimensional web pages as it’s boring, and—let’s admit—quite out-dated. In the era of animations, videos, and GIFs, motion UI offers an animation queuing strategy and CSS patterns which work with all types of Javascript animation libraries. Web developers now work on high-quality animations and native short videos to liven up the website they develop.

4. Conversational UI is on the run

Conversation with the audience makes it a lot easier to establish an interactive relationship between the business brand and the customers. The job of a web developer is to make sure the communication is effective, appealing, and fruitful. By using the conversational UI technique, web developers can actually make that happen. Conversational pop-ups and chat boxes have started to appear on different websites. This year, it’s going to be about the improved communication of businesses with their clients and customers.

Business meeting and teamwork concept

5. Use of material and module designing

Material and module designing offer an improved web designing strategy which helps developers make their websites eye-catching, useful, and demanding. The same technique is used to make an application, which is worth a shot as well. Modular designing is a new trick that people need to learn. With a help of a standardized design and a centered code, you can make nearly every component modular. On the other hand, material designing makes the app more functional with easy usability and interesting components and patterns. It makes layered interfaces easy to understand and form.

6. AI determined web creation

Have you ever heard of artificial intelligence? Being a professional developer, this term is a repeated one which many experts come across. AI development has become easy due to the availability of the essential tools and guides. Web developers can use AI in an innovative manner to create websites.

Then, a web designer will look after branding, content, layout, algorithms, and color scheme to create a visually stimulating website. Make sure you use it to the fullest to gain maximum advantages.

7. Evolution of Angular

Angular JS had been the center of attention in 2016 due to its latest release and is going to continue to steal the show for developers in 2017 as well. This is because of the latest update releases Angular is going to undergo. As everyone knows about the six monthly program updates, developers should stay in touch to let them update and function on their systems.

These 7 web development techniques sum up the popular trends and their importance for 2017. Before the competition sets in, make sure you dedicate yourself to learning and mastering all the latest techniques used in your field of work. All in all, incorporating these advanced techniques will bring forth a great deal of professionalism in the web developmental domain.

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Author: Junaid Ali Qureshi.