7 Tips to Help Build SEO

When people search for your products and services, you obviously want to appear as high in the search engine rankings as possible. Beanstalk Web Solutions has a few tips and tricks to help you start the SEO process.

1. Solid on page SEO Make sure all of your content is valuable to users and get rid of any thin pages. Also check on your coding to make sure everything is running quickly and smoothly. Slow load times turn of potential clients.

2. Market one piece of content for over a week Use social networks and email blasts to show people your content. Find other people who have posted about the same thing and link back to yourself.

3. Put good content on great publication sites Once you have a post published on an authority site, link to that post from other guest posts. This will allow tiered links to you and really help with SEO.

4. Use social media It can help with SEO and is just good business. A good place to start is Google +, Facebook, and Twitter. There are many more social media sites to explore as well.

5.Do your homework on directories there are still several very good ones that can help your site.

6.Quality First Whenever you post on your blog, write for another site, or leave a comment, that could be the first impression a potential client will have of your business. Sharing only high-quality content is certain to make it a good one.

7.Be creative. If you are not looking for new ways to improve your site and rankings, you are always going to be playing catch up. Take your specialized knowledge of your industry and use it to solve common problems, answer common questions and provide a better way of doing things.

Beanstalk Web Solutions can help with all of the things listed above and so much more. It is important to build SEO so you are not behind your competition and constantly trying to catch up. Give us a call today and see how we can help your business grow.