5 Actionable Tips to Add More Punch to Your Email Marketing

Email Marketing - Person on Laptop Sending Virtual Envelopes

Newcomers to email marketing are bewildered by the detailed information available about email marketing campaigns.

However, in most cases, this leads to an information overload that most novices find difficult to understand and implement. Here are 5 actionable email marketing tips that that are easily implemented, even by beginners.

Create an Email Campaign Schedule

Like any marketing activity, executing an email marketing campaign should not be done on a random basis but rather as a result of a carefully thought-out process so that it is more effective. Depending on the industry and sector you are in, you should mark out a calendar of events throughout the year that can be leveraged to give your emails more relevance. For example, if you are operating in the electronic goods sector, the Christmas and New Year gifting season, as well as popular days like Cyber Monday, are great opportunities for you to take advantage of by planning your communication around them. To do this, you will need to be creative; otherwise, you will end up not talking to your customers for a large part of the year.

Curate Content

Marketers can often find it very difficult to find enough content to fill up their weekly email newsletters. If you are a smart marketer, you will appreciate that all the content in your emails do not have to promote your own products or services directly. You should focus on sending content that will add value to the recipients in terms of industry news and developments or tips that will help them to extract better value from their normal processes. You can find this sort of information all over the place and if you are consistent, you’ll have customers who will actually look forward to receiving your emails. There are many email marketing services that have domain specialists who will advise you on content curation.

Include Re: and Fwd: In Your Subject Line

By using Re: and Fwd: in you subject lines, recipients assume that the incoming emails are in response to some action they have previously taken or that the forwarded emails are important because of the content. However, marketers should keep in mind that these are essentially tricks that will work only when used intermittently. Otherwise, customers will become wise to your strategy and many could even take offense, and unsubscribe if they feel that they are being misled.

Make your Subject Lines Work

One of the biggest hurdles that email marketers face is that recipients simply do not open the emails in their inboxes. This can be due to a variety of reasons, including apathy and clutter. The key to influencing more people to open up your emails is to make the subject line so enticing that readers are compelled to click on them to know more. Unless you can successfully do this, there is very little point in providing great content. The trick is to use words that will arouse the reader’s curiosity or appeal to their emotions such as fear, anger, or humor.

Leverage Customer Testimonials

As a marketer, you should know that email recipients are inclined to discount much of what you are saying in the content as being promotional and self-serving. To get around this, it is a great idea to include customer testimonials. They serve as proof to readers that the product or service actually performs as per expectations. The barriers that readers build to protect themselves from promotional content are easily overcome with credible testimonials.


Successful email marketing campaigns are a result of a great deal of experimentation and insights gathered from customer behavior. Email marketers should not be afraid to try out new techniques and quickly adapt to the changing environment.


Author bio: Walter Moore is a senior digital marketing executive working for a leading apparel brand. He frequently uses the services of GingerDomain.com to tweak his marketing campaigns for better impact.