10 Best Mobile App Entrepreneurs You Should Think of In 2018


It would not be wrong if we said that we all are now accustomed to a culture, the mobile app entrepreneurs’ culture. From the virtual reality spectrum, mobile app development is not a fugacious trend. It’s likely we will experience a new trend in mobile app development or a huge upgrade for apps that we have been using. Today, mobile apps play a huge role in business success.  No doubt, you would be ahead of your competitors in choosing the right app for your business.

Top Mobile Trends to Follow in 2018

There is no shadow of a doubt that technological innovation in mobile apps has made a prolific difference in the app economy. Even, the technological innovation has successfully redefined the digital scenario. Hence, it is time to get accustomed to the recent mobile app trends.

  1. Enterprise Apps and BYOD

Rapidly, a majority of organizations tend to cuddle these kinds of apps due to the BYOD model, Bring Your Own Device. Day by day, the demand for hybrid enterprise apps is getting higher. No wonder more than seventy-two percent of organizations have started to invest in BYOD. These BYOD hybrid apps help in minimizing the cost as well as fasten the process of mobile app development.

  1. Android Instant Apps

Android instant apps are generally native apps. These apps are highly capable of attracting more users as they act the same as websites. Users do not need to install the app as these apps function like websites and there is no barrier to handle. These apps can be used only on Android versions and they are beyond doubt easy to share.

  1. AI in App Development

Virtual Personal Assistants, aka as VPAs, IA or Intelligent Apps, Cyber Security, IoT- these all are apps with built-in Artificial Intelligence technology. In accordance with IDC or International Data Corporation, a positive growth in revenue will be experienced in the AI market. It is expected that the growth rate will be higher than $47 billion by the year 2020.

  1. Blockchain

When mobile app entrepreneurs are thinking of how to block or eliminate the chances to tamper data for data tyrants, they can certainly consider the Blockchain function. Experts recommend this function to add as the security feature in mobile apps. Businesses that have been processing in legit ways will able to go for transparent access via blockchain. Blockchain is an unalterable ledger to record company’s information. No one can alter the security line without the knowledge of network and consequent blocks.

  1. AR and VR or Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

VR relates to the world around us. AR is a game-changer. According to experts, AR and VR will come up with more than $150 billion revenue by 2020. AR or Augmented Reality offers great visibility of products as well as services to clients what every business expects. With VR or Virtual Reality, it is easy to run promotional campaigns of products for business entrepreneurs. Businesses will get benefits with the VR feature. This feature helps to provide three-dimensional images of products to views and users can view each side of products.

  1. Cyber Security

In the field of Internet of Things or IoT and mobile apps, cybersecurity features will take one step forward in technological progression. It becomes mandatory for app developers to ensure the security of an app before the starting period of app development. App designers and developers will develop apps, always keeping in mind first and foremost network security. It is obvious that they will try hard to create impediments for the tech mutants so no one can defile security of network organizations.

  1. Beacons & Location-Based Services

Google’s and Apple’s location-based services have already been acclaimed by users. Wifi will not be limited only to retail outlets, healthcare industries, or other service industries. A certain rise of Wifi supported app usage has been experienced in various industries for diverse reasons.

  1. Predictive Analysis

While Data Analytics has rooted its grip in the progression of different tech giant mobile apps like Apple, Facebook, IBM and Google and more, the predictive Analysis feature including the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning will help to foretell the business aftermath in computing the connection between marketing upshots and data available.

  1. Lazy Loading Method

It is time to say goodbye to the problems related to increasing bounce rate and the failure to increase conversion rate when tech experts are going to explore a brand new page loading method, the Lazy Loading Method. Lazy loading method helps users to view landing pages first and easy and it will not matter how many images the page has. It would not only cut loading time but also create an impediment to growing bounce rate.  

  1. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages

App developers and designers will definitely pay attention to the AMP feature, Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP, the stripped-down HTML version strives to accelerate the speed of mobile pages. This option fuels developers to design easy to navigate and beautiful web apps and websites with faster page loading speed, minimum bounce rate and responsive pages across the world for all kind of mobile devices. This open source concept will open wide possibilities to run ads and publish larger web contents on websites without any consequences.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, last year, 2017 was a phenomenal year for mobile app entrepreneurs. But, in 2018, investments in mobile app entrepreneurs are no longer optional but essential for organizations. The mobile app industry will certainly experience a huge growth in different sectors including gaming, online shopping and payment, social media ground, home-workout and also in Google apps.

Author Bio: Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs. Web-design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow in online market. He would love to share thoughts Android App Development, iOS App Development Services, Marketing etc..