Marketing Analytics Package

Huge Value for Even the Tightest Marketing Budget

Inbound lead generation can get expensive, especially on a tight budget. The Marketing Analytics Package provides the perfect mix of baseline data, reporting, and monitoring tools to supplement your existing digital marketing strategy or provide a jumping-off point for future digital marketing decisions. 

While the Marketing Analytics Package doesn’t replace inbound lead generation efforts, like SEO or Google Ads, it does give you the metrics you need to navigate an evolving marketing landscape. You need the right resources to be able to create a digital marketing plan that amplifies your voice. The Marketing Analytics Package gives you access to advanced metrics and tools that can boost your online presence.

Get Access to the Metrics You Need

The Marketing Analytics Package combines various agency-level software subscriptions and open source tools to deliver access to an extensive dashboard of metrics for only $119.95 per month.

What’s Included in the Marketing Analytics Package?

Google Analytics
Access advanced user data from your website. See how visitors are finding your website and the actions they take once they get there. 


Google Search Console
Understand how Google Search sees your website, and identify issues affecting your site’s performance.


Call Tracking Phone Number*
Track calls that come through your website. Call tracking helps discover which calls led to conversions and which of your marketing efforts are most valuable.


Keyword Tracking for 10 Keywords
Monitor the search rankings of your top 10 keywords to discover how your optimization efforts improve organic ranking over time.


Local Directory Listings
Push your organization’s listing to more than 100 directory websites like Google, Yelp, Bing, Yellow Pages, etc. with a data aggregator service.


Brand Monitoring
Get alerted when someone mentions your brand on the internet. See articles, posts, and websites that mention your brand.


Reputation Monitoring
Receive alerts/reports when someone leaves your organization a review on Google or Yelp.


Contact Form Monitoring
Confirm that your website’s contact forms are delivering successfully with daily notifications.


Website Uptime Reporting
Receive a report of your website’s total uptime vs. downtime. In instances where downtime occurred, find out why.


Secure your website. Utilize a CDN (content delivery network) to increase your website page load speed.


Toxic Backlink Monitoring
Monitor the quality of your backlinks (links to your website) and receive a toxicity score. Disavow toxic backlinks to maintain a high-quality backlink profile.

We compile all of the data received from these sources into a clear monthly report. These reports contain insightful charts and graphs to help you visualize metrics and offer recommendations.

It’s easy to get lost in an evolving marketing landscape without access to insightful data. Feel confident in your digital marketing decisions.  We’ll build you a unique dashboard of metrics that reveal how aspects both on and off-site affect your online presence. Access our top marketing tools today. 

*This service only covers a single, local number for one location. A custom price increase will be given for multiple phone numbers, locations, or the use of a toll-free phone number.